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Faucets are decorative items

Faucets are decorative items

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They were taken for simple devices to control the flow and flow of water. We were all wrong. Renewing their design to get closer to a sharp aesthetic, today's taps become decorative objects in their own right. Our selection.


Mirror Block ### Pretty curve overhanging the sink, this decorative tap combines elegance and originality.


Cedam ### Coming out of the wall horizontally, this straight tap brilliantly plays the minimalism card.


Dornbrach ### Fixed to the wall, this tap revisits the retro style in a "new generation" spirit. We love the two cross handles that accompany it and its total black look.


Kramer ### Nice black tap with tubular lines and subtle curves. Did you say design?

In flap

Porcelanosa ### In the form of graceful flaps, these stainless steel taps enhance the basins that they surmount. Chic!

Right angle

THG Alberto Pinto ### Very graphic, this tap in the shape of a right angle brings out the temperament of the bathroom.

Number 1

Toto ### Favorite number 1: an imposing tap forming a pretty vertiginous curve towards the luminous basin. Difficult to resist!