Design style decor in the kitchen

Design style decor in the kitchen

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A design and functional kitchen, this is something to dream about! To allow you to make your most beautiful dishes, the kitchen offers a multitude of storage spaces, a spacious worktop and fluid circulation. Here are some inspirations to create a designer kitchen at home.

Current colors

Lapeyre ### In a designer kitchen, you can easily dare the color! You can combine a pop color with another more sober like black or gray to create an interesting contrast. You can for example choose to color only the worktops and create a colored wall.

A kitchen open to the living room

Schmidt ### The designer kitchen fits easily into a room open to the living room or dining room. Thanks to its clean forms and its integrated household appliances, the kitchen is no longer hidden but is exposed in a very convivial way. Without a closed kitchen, you can stay with the rest of the family.

Red, trendy color

Goal ### Among the trendiest colors in the kitchen, red is in a very good position. To bring red into your space, you can opt for red lacquered kitchen furniture or even paint a wall. Be aware that if your kitchen is a little sad, you can fix it with the help of accessories and red appliances.

A friendly space

Goal ### Design cuisine does not mean cold cuisine! On the contrary, thanks to very practical furniture, you can easily sit in the kitchen for lunch or dinner. Indeed, the work surface or the central island are often provided to accommodate high stools.


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