Pop ideas for the teenage bedroom

Pop ideas for the teenage bedroom

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For the new school year, the teenage bedroom is in the spotlight! And to start the new school year off on the right foot, color brightens up the bedroom and gives it a pop spirit. To find this spirit at home, we offer 10 ideas to give a pop style to the bedroom.

Orange accessories

Paragraph The orange color is the pop color par excellence. But to avoid suffocation in the teenage bedroom, it is applied through accessories such as bed linen or a shelf that will highlight a green wall.

Colored furniture

Leroy Merlin Today, major decoration brands offer furniture in bold colors. In a room, you can then easily opt for orange or another pop color furniture to enhance the whole.

A duo of color

Leroy Merlin For a pop and colorful atmosphere, we can bet on a duo of pop colors which will give a fairly graphic style to the whole. Alternate the sections of wall, play with a mixture of yellow and blue cushions and integrate the color throughout the room for a very decorative bias.

Pop forms

Conforama In a room with classic colors, the pop style can be perfectly created by the shapes that will energize the whole. We install colored stripes to create the sleeping area and we choose bed linen with graphic and colored circles to give style to the whole room.

A flagship color

Conforama For a fairly wise pop style, we will simply bet on a color that we will apply on a wall panel to enhance it and on some accessories such as bed linen or a light fixture.

A profusion of color

Goal If the color does not scare you, do not hesitate to mix different shades to create a real decorative patchwork and full of good humor. Here, the multicolored carpet sets the tone and we find each color in the rest of the decor through clocks, bed linen or light fixtures.

A strong piece

Purpose To give character to pop decor, you can bet on a single piece with an assertive style. In this studio-style teen bedroom, the sofa and its very bright color set the tone of the room and enhance the entire bedroom.

The word pop

Fly In the colorful room, accessories can also play the pop style! You will find tables, cushions or other accessories that precisely display the word pop in order to give voice to the decor.

Decorative objects marked

Fly Finally, to camp the pop style, think of the original accessories like this pendant lamp that multiplies the bulbs or these extra stools in bright colors.


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