Retro atmosphere in the kitchen

Retro atmosphere in the kitchen

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Notice to nostalgics, lovers of old things, the retro style is more trendy than ever and that's good! He now invites himself into the kitchen in "family home" or even Scandinavian versions. If you still hesitate to adopt it, take a look at our selection of 10 kitchens with a vintage atmosphere.


Purpose Who says rustic style has no place in our contemporary interiors? Surely not us! In a large kitchen, it is wonderful and brings a very pleasant family home atmosphere.

With low furniture

Hygena If you are lucky enough to have a large kitchen, you can choose to install only low cabinets along the entire length. And to create a retro atmosphere, we obviously put on beautiful wooden furniture with shell handles.

Louver version

Maisons du Monde Original this kitchen with a retro look and furniture composed of shutters. To make it more current, we choose a trendy wall color and we install industrial or bistro-style metal lights.

White furniture

Ikéa Paneled walls and large white furniture, this kitchen has all the ingredients for a retro atmosphere. But the choice of a green wall and a stainless steel hood gives it an instant much more contemporary look.

Rustic shelves

Ikéa Very fashionable in the kitchen of our grandparents to hang pots and other kitchen accessories, the wall shelves are getting a little makeover in a gray version. Modern, right?

All in wood

Maisons du Monde Not at all has been the wooden kitchen! The proof with this atmosphere imagined by Maisons du Monde and that we imagine perfectly integrated with us.

Family home atmosphere

Purpose With its white furniture, its wooden worktop, its display cases and its large table, this kitchen proves to be ideal in a country and family style house.

Retro furniture and contemporary color

Ikea The advantage of retro furniture is that it can also adapt to our modern interiors with more current colors. This black kitchen is the perfect example.

A few modern touches

Hygena If the furniture in this kitchen has a decidedly retro touch, all it takes is a few accessories to make it look more contemporary. Bar stools, black credenza and stainless steel appliances take care of the decor.


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