Pineapple is worth a good slice

Pineapple is worth a good slice

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In the heat wave, our heart swings between watermelon and pineapple ... Our heart, our taste buds and our decor in fact! Because this summer, pineapple is everywhere: in the kitchen, the living room or the children's room, on the cushions, the lamps, the gift packs, the ice cube molds, the wallpaper… It even invites itself on our doormat or our front door. In short, it appears in every corner of the house for our greatest pleasure!

Pineapple cushions

Ourlieu If you are thirsty for an escape and want to create a decor with a tropical atmosphere, opt for these cushions. Adorned with pineapple and other "pineapple" motifs (the English translation of this unusual fruit), these are cushions that will make your interior travel. Source: Ourlieu

A pineapple-shaped lamp

Urban Outfitters Designed by the French brand Goodnight Light, this pretty lamp will diffuse a warm light in your living room or bedroom. Favorite for its original design, perfectly imitating this tropical fruit. Source: Goodnight Light at Urban Outfitters

A golden knocker

Bao-Khang Luu's Instagram account As soon as you enter, you announce the trend and the color, with this golden knocker, similar to a pineapple. Between finesse and attention to detail, the illusion is perfect. Source: Bao-Khang Luu's Instagram account

Wallpaper decorated with pineapple

Aimée Wilder Ideal for a child's room, girl or boy, this wallpaper offers neutral and soft tones, sublimated by delicate pineapple patterns. Source: Aimée Wilder

Pineapple ice cube molds

Anthropology At aperitif time, we let ourselves be seduced by these ice cube molds. Fun to play, they allow you to make ice cubes similar to small pineapples. Something to refresh in style. Source: Anthropology

A doormat enhanced with turquoise pineapple

World Market For a stylish interior, from the entrance, let yourself be charmed by this graphic and colorful doormat. Sublimated with turquoise pineapple, it will give a touch of pep to your doorstep. Source: World Market

A golden lamp base

Zara Home In the living room or in the bedroom, let yourself be tempted by this original lamp. Composed of a classic lampshade, it is twisted by a foot in the shape of a golden pineapple, a bit bling-bling, we love it! Source: Zara Home

A vintage painting

French Blossom As if the decor of our kitchen or our bedroom was not enough for him, the pineapple also appears on the walls. The proof with this table featuring a graphic and vintage drawing. Source: French Blossom

Pineapple gift wrap

Whimseybox And to enhance our gifts, pineapples can also be used on our gift wrap. Little decoration tip? Add fluorescent string! Source: Whimseybox

A pineapple-shaped dish

Maisons du Monde As for tableware, we urgently adopted this white earthenware pineapple dish, decorated with an orange border. Source: Maisons du Monde