20 DIY ideas Tutti Frutti

20 DIY ideas Tutti Frutti

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To refresh your decor, nothing like a few Tutti Frutti accessories, especially if these were homemade. Tea towels, straws, pencil cases, rugs… pineapple, watermelon, kiwi… discover our 20 tender and fruity DIY ideas.

A fruity pinata

Persia Lou If you are looking for a fun activity for your children this summer, we suggest these mini pinatas in the shape of fresh fruit. Source: Persia Lou

Pineapple straw

Sugar and Charm Origami fans, fall for these pretty straws adorned with a small homemade cardboard pineapple. At your scissors! Source: Sugar and Charm

Birthday hat

Studio DIY To redo these funny hats at home, add the recognizable patterns of pineapple and strawberry on red and yellow cardboard cones, add the leaves of a real pineapple on the tip, and admire the result. Source: Studio DIY

A refreshing menu Get your message across on a refreshing card with strawberry or watermelon prints. The plus: a homemade envelope in the shape of a triangle to accompany it. Source:

Fruity pompoms

Mr Printables Watermelon, orange, kiwi, strawberry ... it is possible to make all the fruits you want in decorative pompoms. Source: Mr Printables

A vitamin keychain

My Poppet Using ironing beads and Cintia tutorials, make key chains or decorations for your vitamin bags in the blink of an eye! Source: My Poppet

Customized pockets

The Lovely Drawer After sewing the pouch, shape your little pineapples or watermelon slices using paint and a pad. We are under the spell of the result! Source: The Lovely Drawer

A summer umbrella

Studio DIY Unfortunately, in summer too, the rain comes out. To protect yourself, nothing like a homemade fruity umbrella. We invite the most patient to get started! Source: Studio DIY

3D cardboard fruits Give relief to your cardboard fruits by playing the 3D card with a few folds. Fastoche! Source:

Watermelon the tea towel!

Vanessa Pouzet Fresh and full of water, watermelon refreshes us when it is too hot. Printed on a tea towel, it does the same on the kitchen decor. Source: Vanessa Pouzet

A fruity mobile

Simply Peachy Baby Slice of watermelon, slice of lemon, quarter of orange, on this baby mobile, the fruits are there! With a little colored felt and nylon threads, you can make your own very easily. Source: Simply Peachy Baby

Cardboard bags

Make and Tell To offer a small present in an original way, imagine cardboard pockets with fruity prints. Strawberry, watermelon, pineapple… it's up to you! Source: Make and Tell

A fruity overturn

Doolittle For a birthday or simply to amuse your children, make them a fruity and colorful set of chamboule-tout. Source: Doolittle

An atypical doormat

The House That Lars Built To make these vitaminized doormats, cut a round doormat in half, then curl it by adding here and there a few strips of tape to protect. Source: The House That Lars Built

To pin everything

Tell Love and Chocolate These fruits make you want? Cut them out in a cork place mat, paint it and finally pin everything you want! Source: Tell Love and Chocolate

A watermelon platter

Oh So Beautiful Paper To impress your guests at aperitif time, paint a round board in red and the outline in green. Add a few touches of black with a brush, then attach two handles. This is a truly unique set! Source: Oh So Beautiful Paper

A gourmet garland

eHow She makes us dream of this pretty garland of strawberries! If you too are eye-catching, follow the steps in its making presented by blogger Kelly Lanza. Source: eHow

Watermelon coasters

Kittenhood Do you want to start making these watermelon coasters? Start with a cork trivet, red, green and black paint, a ruler and scissors. Source: Kittenhood

Crochet washers

Wink Orange, watermelon, lemon, you will need patience to make these crochet fruity rings. We do not recommend beginners in this area! Source: Tutsplus