I want a nice hood for my kitchen

I want a nice hood for my kitchen

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The hood is one of the essential elements for any self-respecting cook, to avoid the diffusion of odors and humidity that escape from our good dishes. But, this device often has a bad reputation because some models are quite imposing, even unsightly. Today, kitchen designers swear by design ranges that blend into the decor of your room. Here is our selection of 30 original hoods.

A suspension air hood

Miele This black and aluminum hood signed Miele looks like a design pendant. Attached to the ceiling by four very thin cables, it is ideal in a bright and high-ceilinged room, which has a large worktop with built-in hobs.

An invisible hood

Darty If you do not want your device to denote with the style of your kitchen, prefer a model of the same color as your wall covering so that it is an integral part of the decor, like this delicate white hood.

A hood matched with a central island

Roblin If you have an island in your American kitchen, transform your room into a real professional kitchen by combining a hood in a material and color similar to furniture. This Skylift model in stainless steel and white glass lowers and rises to the height of your choice using a remote control.

A clever hood

Elica Cooking enthusiasts should melt for this designer hood with additional lighting which allows it to be better lit when you are in the middle of developing a recipe. This model will go very well in a monochrome or refined piece.

A retractable device

Neff For more practicality behind the stove, this Air de Luxe 300 hood can be raised or hidden in the worktop with a simple press. It is a good alternative to the built-in or suspended hood if you do not cook daily because you will be able to store your appliance when you are not using it and thus prevent it from getting dirty.

A graphic hood

Darty To frame a worktop or hob, this model is very simple but has the great advantage of going with any type of kitchen. It is rather classic but nevertheless very modern, especially in a white, black or wooden kitchen.

Dare the original shapes

Gorenje Who said that the hoods are all the same? Nowadays, they are less and less imposing and sometimes have very original forms without losing efficiency. This is the case with this black Gorenje device, ideal in a small space or in a corner.

A design and futuristic hood

Elica This Twin decorative hood from the Elica brand is resolutely design and contemporary. Its rather minimalist dimensions and its artisanal manufacture give it a place of choice in the kitchen, especially with a glass splashback or a light-colored worktop.

A patterned hood

Whirlpool This model is a decorative element in its own right in this two-tone kitchen. The Whirlpool brand offers to regularly change the front of the device, so as not to get tired of it. Patterned or colorful, there is something for everyone!

A 2.0 hood

Elica In a Scandinavian style room or in an immaculate kitchen, this wooden hood will have its small effect. The device connects to an iPad, which you just have to put down, so you can listen to music or follow a recipe while you cook. You can not stop progress !

A light hood

Miele This inclined hood (Pearl reference) lives up to its name since it gives off a pearly LED light to better illuminate the work surface. Available without fireplace, it frees up kitchen space and will not bother you at head level when you are behind the stoves. Optionally, you can request a remote control to vary the lighting.

This is not a lamp

Falmec You could swear that it is a light, and yet you are facing a hood! In addition to its aesthetics, the Falmec model has Controlled Bipolar Ionization technology, which not only removes bad odors but also purifies the air in your interior.

A glass hood

Elica More than a simple range hood, this hanging appliance (White Stream reference) made of white glass gives a contemporary and quite feminine look to the room thanks to its wave-shaped grooves. It will go very well in a wooden or colored kitchen.

Camouflage your hood

Sirius To avoid having an imposing appliance or a model with a chimney, opt for this minimalist extractor hood which would almost be confused with an air vent! However, the latter, designed in steel and aluminum, has integrated lighting which will be ideal above an island for example.

Playing on the relief

Silverline The City wall hood from Silverline has the advantage of being raised, which gives the impression that it is much less imposing. This optical effect is also due to the fact that the device has two small lamps to light your hobs.

A very decorative model

Elica Among the decorative hoods, this is certainly one of the most stylish models on the market. Made of opaline, the device hangs from the ceiling and diffuses uniform lighting over the entire work surface. The little extra? It has a very efficient suction system.

Mirror, my beautiful mirror

Leroy Merlin At Leroy Merlin, the wall hood is lacquered and tilted to better reflect what is hidden in your pans! This Cata model is a very good quality / price ratio and its color will be harmonious in any type of kitchen. Be careful however to clean it well to avoid unsightly fingerprints.

To enhance your island

Berbel In an open kitchen, nothing like a range hood with integrated lighting that will enhance your location. This model (reference Skyline Edge) is ideal in a spacious room, above a large work surface.

A unique hood

Elica Here is a device that you will not see in everyone! The Isolabella range hood, to be fixed to the ceiling, is both original and discreet thanks to its invisible cables and its transparent panel.

Cheers !

Aviva Here you find a very colorful hood that finds its place in a kitchen that is also colorful. Decorated with wine glasses and decanters, it is original and full of gaiety. You would almost confuse it with a canvas.


Pando This model of hood signed Pando does not only ensure its functions in your kitchen, it also plays advertising. Adorned with various advertisements, sometimes old, sometimes recent, it is as colorful as it is offbeat.


Elica Your interior is Zen? Here is your hood. This Elica model shines with its curves and sophistication. It finds its place among those who have opted for a refined decor or a black and white atmosphere.


Pando This large flowery hood is ideal for bringing a touch of originality to your kitchen. Because it adapts to the large cooking piano, it consists of two parts which can each be activated individually.


Aviva Here you discover a model of hood signed Aviva. Very practical, this hanging hood can be placed above a central island or, as in the example, in front of a window. We like the modern and metallic aspect, and the simplicity of the design.

Black and design

Aviva This hood does not come from the future, it is marketed by the Aviva brand. Very modern, it finds its place in a contemporary kitchen. We love it as much for its performance as its design and originality.


Pando No, this is not a contemporary work that you admire, it is the Onna hood from the Pando brand. Due to its design and curves, this hood is simply magnificent! Our favorite.


Elica A modern hood is not automatically a colorless hood. This is what the Elica brand proves to us with this very pop model. Thanks to the simplicity of its design, the hood finds its place as well in a white kitchen as in a kitchen of colors.


Elica This hood, also signed Elica, is one of the editorial favorites. It is magnificent, practical and efficient. It can be placed in front of a window or above a central island and brings a real touch of modernity to the kitchen.


Elica No, these are not lights that are presented to you, but hoods. Inspired by sconces, these hoods invest your kitchen alone or with others, above your work surface or your central island.