Step by step: change the floor with dry glue

Step by step: change the floor with dry glue

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To change the decor in the blink of an eye, nothing like flexible floors. And to apply them easily, GPI offers dry adhesives that replace liquid adhesives that are difficult to apply. The special dry glue rental will leave your floor when you are removing the coating and the special dry glue renovation allows you to correct floor defects without going through the patching. Zoom on the installation of a flexible floor using these new generation adhesives.

2nd step

GPI Start at an angle by gluing the beginning of the roll on your existing floor. It is best to start on the opposite side of the door to head towards the exit. Be careful to avoid air bubbles.

Stage 3

GPI Unroll the dry glue over the entire surface of your room by placing the roller parallel to the strip already installed. Always take care to avoid wrinkles and air bubbles.

Step 4

GPI Finish installing the glue throughout the room. Note that the installation of the glue does not generate any dirt and does not require special skills or tools. The pose is accessible to all.

Step 5

GPI Remove the protective film from the dry glue to reveal the adhesive surface. You can perform this step as you go so that you can walk around the room to install the flexible covering.

Step 6

GPI Place your flexible flooring like vinyl on the layer of dry glue. Apply as you go to remove air bubbles and allow better adhesion of the coating.

Step 7

GPI Cut the flexible floor to ensure the finishing on the edges. Note that no drying time is necessary and that you can walk on the floor as it is laid.

Step 8

GPI Replace your furniture and enjoy your new decor. Note that it takes 4:30 hours to install a flexible floor like carpet, vinyl or natural fiber in a room of 10 to 12m2.