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How to maximize the brightness in the bathroom?

How to maximize the brightness in the bathroom?

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A dark bathroom like a cardboard box, no way! To give way to general well-being, the centerpiece of relaxation, we want it to be bright. How? 'Or' What ? By maximizing natural light or by using artificial tricks. A bet brilliantly taken up by each of the following 10 bathrooms ... All you have to do is steal their good ideas!

Using glass bricks

Leroy Merlin ### The great advantage of walls made of glass bricks? Partition the bathroom while allowing it to benefit from the light of another room or even outside light.

Open the bathroom on the bedroom

Leroy Merlin ### Bring down the walls between the bedroom and the bathroom so as not to deprive the brightness of the first in the second. The other good idea to steal? Install sliding doors between the two to create more intimate spaces as desired!

Opt for opaque glazing

Leroy Merlin ### There is no question of condemning the bathroom window, even if the view of it overlooks the terrace or the garden! Thanks to the choice of an opaque window or sticker, you are protected from outside looks while benefiting from daylight!

Open a window overlooking the house

Castorama ### The other possibility to replace the absence of an exterior window is to create one directly overlooking another room in the house and install lowered blinds as needed!

Multiply light accessories

Castorama ### The art of lighting up the bathroom also requires good lighting. So in addition to the wall lights and suspensions, here and there, there is a multiplicity of light furniture and accessories: a mirror, a storage unit, a decorative fountain…

Adopt a glass partition

Lapeyre ### Inside, we replace part of the wall separating the bathroom from the living room with a glass partition. Or how to make it benefit from the light obtained in another room of the house.

Bet on a total white look

Kaleseramik ### The color of snow is known to reflect light and thus create a feeling of brightness and radiance. So why not use it in a bathroom lacking in light?

Choose a wall strewn with holes

Dornbrach ### Between the bedroom and the bathroom, it's a partition strewn with holes in a hyper design rendering that brings in the light.

Create a column opening

Duravit ### What bothers you about the idea of ​​a window in the bathroom is the vis-à-vis. But that was before having considered the more discreet column window. An ingenious way to light up your relaxation area while preserving your privacy.