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Architect's advice: how to arrange a small bedroom?

Architect's advice: how to arrange a small bedroom?

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To be able to be called a bedroom, a room must have a surface of at least 9 m², and be equipped with a window. When the surface of the room is small, the arrangement will gain in comfort if it is minimalist. It is essential for residents to properly assess their needs and eliminate the superfluous that would clutter the space unnecessarily, while each square meter is more and more precious in our homes. A work space can however be set up in the bedroom if no other room allows, but discretion will be required. We will also take care to keep a suitable circulation width, at least 60 cm, and to optimize storage spaces.

Small bedroom n ° 2: 2 in 1 furniture

Angélique BLANC In this 3.60 mx 2.80 m room, space is optimized by installing 2-in-1 furniture. The surface is small, the visual field must be clear. For this, the bedside tables are replaced by two low shelves on which the lamps will be placed. One of the shelves is extended by a low platform, a simple board, under which one will slide baskets receiving the books and administrative papers. In front of the 160 cm wide bed, a full height dressing room is installed, discreetly housing a small office area, painted in the same color or in the same wood essence as the dressing room.

Small bedroom n ° 3: a decorative and practical headboard

Angélique BLANC In this 3.40 mx 3.20 m room, the headboard follows the decorative trend and the need to optimize space. It no longer serves only to protect the wall covering, but it becomes an element of decoration and storage becoming subtle at bedside tables and night tables. The reading lamps are clipped onto the high shelf, and the two sides of the headboard hide side storage. The large clothes cupboard is arranged like a small comfortable dressing room with wardrobes, drawers, shelves and mirrors.

Small bedroom n ° 4: a sliding door saves space

Angélique BLANC This 2.70 mx 3.40 m room presents two layout difficulties: its small surface, and an old chimney flue occupying a corner. So that this space is not lost, the bed is attached to the duct, and a reading lamp will be attached to the lining. A small stool will act as a bedside table, offset from the headboard. In front of the bed, a large mirror is placed to visually enlarge the volume. The clothes will be stored in a full-height wardrobe and a low chest of drawers, and the off-season clothes will be hidden under the bed, which once raised offers an additional 2.50 m² of storage space. The classic access door is replaced by a sliding door to save space and install a fold-down extra desk fixed against the wall. A shelf will be installed near the desk, above the chest of drawers, to store books and papers.


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