10 natural floors for the home

10 natural floors for the home

Followers of the nature style, you want to arrange your house in this spirit and are you looking for ideas for your floors? That's good ! The editorial staff has selected 10 natural floors for you: sand, wood, ceramic tiles, bricks, stones, briquettes, pavers, terracotta tiles… In short, there is something for everyone, so let yourself be inspired.

A natural and vintage floor: brick

Blog Honey and fitz In an entryway with vintage or country decor, the editorial staff recommends a natural brick floor, ideal for bringing an authentic touch completely in tune with the times. Source: Honey and fitz Blog

A natural floor: the combination of wood and ceramic tiles

Valvet And to twist the decoration of a Haussmann style apartment, while bringing it a touch of modernity, do not hesitate to marry several natural floors. A fine example with this alliance of old-fashioned wooden floors and ceramic tiles, adorned with graphic patterns. Source: Valvet

A natural and cozy floor: stone slabs

Mark D. Sikes In the bathroom, enhance the cozy atmosphere by opting for stone tiles, in different colors. What give charm to your relaxation area. Source: Mark D. Sikes

Old-fashioned natural soil: tomette

Malinda Reich In the living room or in the hall, we put everything on pretty old-fashioned floor tiles. If they offer nuanced shades, weathered by time, it's even more decorative! Source: Malinda Reich

Natural and friendly soil: wood

Lisa Sherry Interieurs In the kitchen or the dining area, let yourself be seduced by a beautiful light wooden parquet floor. What strengthen the natural spirit of your room while creating an ultra friendly atmosphere. Source: Lisa Sherry Interiors

Natural country-style soil: rough stone

Verne In an old country house, it is the rough stone which wins all the votes, since this type of natural soil allows to keep the charm of the place. Source: One Kind Design

Natural soil with a reclaimed spirit: the briquette

Les Maisons de Zoé For a cozy decoration with a recuperated spirit, bet on a natural floor that will sublimate your interior while giving it cachet: the briquette. Source: Les Maisons de Zoé

A natural and timeless floor: the paving stone

Inreda Utreda As natural as it is timeless - in May 1968, didn't we say "under the paving stones, the beach?" - the paving floor adapts to all types of interior, from the most traditional to the most modern. Source: Inreda Utreda

Natural soil around the pool: wood

Verne Around the swimming pool, we prefer wooden planks, an easy-to-maintain natural floor, capable of withstanding water, as well as the rays of the sun. Aesthetics as a bonus! Source: One Kind Design