Hens and rabbits storm the interiors

Hens and rabbits storm the interiors

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** Whether you like spring or country decor, or want to decorate your home to celebrate Easter with dignity, you will love our selection. Indeed, today chickens and rabbits are invited in all the rooms of your interior. Decorative items, tableware, household linen, we have selected 10 products for you to adopt at the start of spring. **


Villeroy & Boch Here is a collection as fresh as it is adorable. Proposed by Villeroy & Boch, it consists of small rabbits and white porcelain eggs but also sober and elegant vases.

Hens on the tablecloth

Becquet Bring a touch of originality to your table with this very nice Becquet tablecloth. In spring and Easter, it will delight young and old.

The hen basket

Spoiler Nothing like a chicken basket to store your eggs. Here is the model we have chosen for you. Marketed by Becquet, it is authentic and original. We love !

Rabbits in the room

Sylvie Thiriet Here is a spring and country bed linen set. We love the blue gingham and the little animals that adorn the duvet and pillows. In the bedroom of adults as in that of children, the set will bring its touch of originality.

Colorful hens

La Redoute Here are the Suzette hens, decorative and colorful hens. In the kitchen or in the dining room, these little polka dot pullets bring cheerfulness and a little originality. You will find them on the La Redoute site.

The cozy rabbit

La Redoute We love this Rabbit rug offered by the Mexx brand. Soft and cozy, it is ideal for the baby's room or that of a small one. Neutral in color, it goes well with any decor.

Hens on the table

Delamaison We have presented you the chicken tablecloth, here are the chicken dishes. We love the presence of red gingham and the 3 pea hens. Marketed by the Delamaison brand, the range also includes cups, plates and all kinds of dishes.

Easter bunnies

Villeroy & Boch Here is a collection that will delight your children. Thanks to her, a multitude of small rabbits take over the table alongside colored eggs. All of these, and many more, are available from Villeroy & Boch.

Hens and roosters

Villeroy & Boch Here you find another collection of Villeroy & Boch which consists of crockery and decorative elements decorated with roosters. We love the very natural colors, the peas and the authenticity of the products. Use at Easter and all year round!