20 DIY with concrete blocks

20 DIY with concrete blocks

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Bench, vase, bedside table, planter, bookcase… a multitude of furniture and accessories can be made with concrete blocks. In addition to costing only a few euros, they have the advantage of integrating perfectly into our interiors or our gardens. The proof with our 20 DIY inspirations found on the canvas.

A breeze block bedside table

Dwell Two standing blocks, a third placed vertically on the first two, and here is a bedside table that will not go unnoticed in the bedroom. * Source: Dwell *

An outdoor concrete block bench

Some what simple This concrete and concrete block bench was produced with a budget of 30 dollars (around 26 euros). The savings are yours! * Source: Some what simple *

A concrete block TV cabinet

Fancy With a few medium boards and a few concrete blocks, this TV stand quickly takes shape. * Source: Fancy *

A vertical concrete block planter

The Garden Glove Mounted on top of each other like a game of balance, these concrete blocks form a vertical planter that is really unexpected in the garden. * Source: The Garden Glove *

Concrete blocks and mosaics for decorative planters

Grow and Resist Another idea to customize your concrete planters: create a mosaic with pretty colors. * Source: Grow and Resist *

A raw TV bench

LidenSkapelse Fancy a TV cabinet with a 100% urban look? Some concrete blocks and pallet boards will be sufficient. * Source: LidenSkapelse *

A numbered concrete block vase

Yes Please To add a decorative touch to your concrete block vase, paint with a simple white paint and a brush, a number or a letter in one of the corners. * Source: Yes Please *

Concrete block bar

Design Sponge Thanks to its large wooden board and its multiple alcoves, this piece of furniture made of concrete blocks serves both as a bar and as a vertical vegetable patch. * Source: Design Sponge *

A concrete block office

The Merrythought To make this desk, stack 4 blocks to create two columns and then attach a light wooden board. That's all, and it's beautiful! * Source: The Merrythought *

Pastel concrete blocks

Minitoko After having been bulged in blue, yellow or even purple, these breeze blocks were superimposed to create a funny piece of furniture in the children's room. * Source: Minitoko *

A concrete block library

Manufacturing Pollination If the breeze block trend appeals to you, don't be afraid to start building a large library for the living room. * Source: Manufacturing Pollination *

Convenient storage

Be Happy Be Me Both armrest and small storage space, this piece of concrete block furniture will be very practical during your moments spent on the terrace. * Source: Be Happy Be Me *

A bench for the dining room

Remodelista To add a recycled touch to this dining room with light wooden furniture, a bench with legs made of concrete blocks has been added. We're charmed by the result, aren't you? * Source: Remodelista *

An inexpensive graphic planter

Modernly Wed Limited budget for the decoration of the garden this year? It does not matter ! With concrete blocks and a little flashy yellow paint, create a graphic planter at a low price that throws it away. * Source: Modernly Wed *

A bench for the garden

Decoist In order not to ruin yourself in the purchase of a bench for the garden, nothing like a model to make yourself with some concrete blocks and wooden boards. * Source: Decoist *

A concrete block garden furniture

Bhg Even adopt the breeze block trend, play the total look to the end in the garden by making a living room really like no other. * Source: Bhg *

A bedside spirit recovered

Bethany Nauert This bedside table made of concrete blocks had no trouble finding its place in this room with a resolutely contemporary style. * Source: Apartment Therapy *

An original concrete block bench

Lena Sekine To make this funny wooden and concrete block bench, follow each step of the tutorial carefully. * Source: Lena Sekine *

A shelf for concrete block plants

The Garden Glove Two concrete blocks, a wooden board ... Two concrete blocks, a wooden board ... This is a shelf at low prices to display your plants nicely. * Source: The Garden Glove *


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