10 examples of pizza ovens to make

10 examples of pizza ovens to make

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Nothing beats a pizza cooked over a wood fire to feast on, but also to spend a moment full of conviviality. If this summer, you have decided to take the plunge and make your pizza oven in the garden, the editorial team invites you to find inspiration from its selection.

Mosaic for traveling

Wellington Boot Do you want originality in the garden? Cover your traditional concrete pizza oven with colorful mosaics. Exotic, isn't it? Source: Wellington Boot

A red brick pizza oven

Rsvlts With its original shape and pretty red bricks, this pizza oven will not fail to attract the attention of all your visitors. Source: Rsvlts

A wooden pizza oven

The Owner Builder Network Here's a funny idea! And yes, your pizza oven can also see wooden life. A small chalet full of authenticity for the garden. Source: The Owner Builder Network

By the terrace

Brickwoodovens To also have a nice pizza oven on the edge of your terrace, follow the different steps presented in pictures by the American company Brickwood. Source: Brickwoodovens

A pretty dome

Bakehus What surprised us when we discovered this pizza oven, is its pretty golden dome which is perfect with small red stones. Source: Facebook

A professional pizza oven

Great White Nowhere Surprising this pizza oven that one could almost qualify as "pro"! A few notions of DIY and a little patience will be necessary to obtain the same result. With your tools! Source: Great White Nowhere

A rustic pizza oven

Samdizajner The editorial staff fell in love with this rustic-looking mini pizza oven. And you ? Source: Samdizajner

A repainted pizza oven

Traditional Oven If you don't like the red color of the brick, you can simply repaint it in bright white. Your pizza oven throws just as much with this look! Source: Traditional Oven

Stone and brick

Grills'N Ovens Notice to all the kings of DIY, this pizza oven is the one you need if you want to launch a new challenge. With its atypical shape and its mix of materials, it will give you a hard time. As for us, we enjoy watching it! Source: Grills'N Ovens