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The sink becomes decorative

The sink becomes decorative

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In the bathroom, the traditional white sink has given way to a little more fantasy with basins that create the decor. The base of the sink tends to disappear to offer a basin suspended or placed on a worktop. Here are some new generation sinks for your bathroom.

Very design square version

Lapeyre ### White is no longer the flagship color of the bathroom! We now find sinks that combine white for the base and black for the sink. The whole brings a very design aspect. And to accentuate the modern effect, we put on a square shape.

A bright sink

Sopha Industries ### Very trendy, chromotherapy enters the bathroom. After the baths with light spots, there are now basins that are only light. You will find several colors depending on the mood you want to give to your bathroom. Once the basin is lit, relaxation is guaranteed.

Glass sink

Vitra ### Among the new materials, glass is making its way into the bathroom. Thus the glass basin of the sink can respond to the shower screen for a harmony while transparency.

A retro sink

Herbeau Créations ### In the bathroom, the retro sink is back! You will find Empire style sinks with a metal base and a traditional basin with elegant fittings.