Take advantage of a wall recess

Take advantage of a wall recess

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They are accused of distorting the interior and being synonymous with lost space. Yet wrongly. Because smartly arranged, the wall recesses reveal their practical and decorative advantages. For the less convinced, here is a mine of ideas to pique!

A wall recess with desk

Castorama ### A wall recess with a width of 1 or 1.5 meters? This is perfect for accommodating an office area! And it's even better if you make it discreet by hiding it behind blinds.

The wall recess plays the decorative role

Goal ### The wall recesses are also an opportunity to highlight a wall decoration: a painting, a photo collage, a school painting.

A wall recess ... in the garden

Leroy Merlin ### Outside, we create a surprise by voluntarily improvising a wall recess, just to nestle a bench seat set back from the rest of the garden, or how to create a tailor-made appeasement.

The wall recess under the stairs

Goal ### Too bad not to take advantage of a recess in the wall tucked under the stairs. Quickly, we fix shelves, we install a library or an office, and the space saving mission is brilliantly successful.

The wall recess becomes a shelf

Goal ### Digging a space above the base, this recess in the wall makes it possible to improvise an extra large shelf spanning the entire length of the room!

A wall recess in the entrance

Ikéa ### Behind the front door of a studio, we transform an ugly wall recess into a pretty and ingeniously arranged entrance.

A well-furnished wall recess

Fly ### Nothing like furnishing a bulging wall recess. The pretty dresser that here rebalances the unstructured space of this room.


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