10 spectacular view bathrooms

10 spectacular view bathrooms

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Taking a bath is a real moment of relaxation during which all the hassles are forgotten. And when you can also enjoy a breathtaking view, this moment is even more savored. To make you dream, discover without further delay 10 bathrooms with spectacular views.

Nature at your feet

Japanese Trash

The owners of this dream house are fortunate to have forests and rocky mountains before their eyes when washing. Source: Japanese Trash

A wooden shell

Desire to Inspire

Bathing as if you were in the sea is surely what visitors feel in this shell-shaped wooden bathtub that seems to float on the water. Source: Desire to Inspire

Turquoise sea


How about a good bubble bath with a view of the turquoise Caribbean Sea? We do! Source: Cuded

Glass bathtub

Six senses

To take advantage of the sea which passes under your house mounted on stilts, you too adopt a glass bathtub which offers a view of the most incredible fish. Source: Six Senses

A bath in the mountains


We appreciate our hot bath all the more when we see the snowy fir trees in the distance! Source: Decoist

A walk in the woods


Thanks to a double wooden door, you are immersed in the forest in the blink of an eye while you are enjoying a good bath! Source: Winvian

Glass walls


If you are lucky enough to have a breathtaking view, install floor-to-ceiling windows instead of walls all around your bathroom. Source: Freshome

Cascading water

Fine Art America

Incredible this bathtub which overlooks the swimming pool, which itself has a view of the sea. This extension of water in a gradient of blue risks blowing more than one! Source: Fine Art America

A view from above

Maxwell MacKenzie

Installed on the second, see the third floor of the house, this bathroom seems to be perched in the trees thanks to a huge picture window. Source: Archdaily