My guinguette-style table decor

My guinguette-style table decor

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This summer, the guinguette style is making its debut in the most trendy table decorations. Checkered tablecloths, bright red accessories and rustic crockery are all assets to create a table full of charm and authenticity. So, for a wedding decoration or simply for a summer buffet, the guinguette style is the one you must adopt!

Red and white dishes

Amadeus On the tableware side, we stay in the theme of red and white. Choose rustic plates with patterns or simply a small border of color. Deco full of charm guaranteed.

A lace table runner

Butinette To cut with the very red and white of the Vichy tablecloth, you can opt for a very elegant lace table runner. For a wedding decor, for example, it brings a touch of delicacy. WE love !

A wicker bread basket

Showcase Magic We remain traditional in the accessorization of the table by betting on this wicker bread basket and always Vichy fabric. A large centerpiece or several small ones scattered here and there, it is up to you to see depending on the size of your table.

Vichy napkins

La Redoute The napkins are also adorned with the famous red and white tiles so familiar to the guinguette style. If you prefer not to play the total look with the tablecloth, then opt for plain red or white towels to stay in tone.

Lantern-shaped candle holders

Delamaison If you can't hang pretty colorful lanterns in your living room or garden, don't panic, we have the solution! These red tealight holders take the form and are installed everywhere on the table. Warm atmosphere guaranteed!

Breakfast already sees life in red

La Redoute The guinguette style is not only to be adopted to welcome people for lunch or dinner. At breakfast, it also has a little effect with a checkered tablecloth and bright red cups and teapots.

Unique napkin rings

Delamaison You can also play the card of originality on your table guinguette by opting for funny accessories. We love these napkin rings that look like folded forks and spoons.

Jars to present your appetizers

Delamaison The guinguette spirit is above all a friendly atmosphere, warm in all simplicity. So to change the traditional starters presented on a plate, we dare diverted accessories like this old jar. Do you like the idea?

Pretty red and white straws

Vegaooparty Children and adults will be delighted to drink their cold drink with these pretty red and white straws. For a snack or a brunch, they will shine with their elegance.