Selection of decorative Buddhas for the garden

Selection of decorative Buddhas for the garden

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Nothing like a decorative Buddha version sculpture to provide a Zen atmosphere to your garden; especially since there is no shortage of models and variations of all kinds!

Color blue / green

Paragraph ### Pretty Buddha head in turquoise sea color, ideal for combining Zen and spicy style on the garden terrace.

Solar lamp version

Delamaison ### In search of a sculpture that is both useful and decorative, we spotted this model: a Buddha holding in these hands, a flower whose heart is none other than a solar lamp.


Paragraph ### Discreet and fine, this tall statuette plays the Zen decor card with ease.

Fountain version

Maisons du Monde ### The height of Zen attitude in the garden? Combine fountain and decorative Buddha in one piece.

On the lawn

Maisons du Monde ### Standing on the ground in the garden, the imperial gaze of this Buddha seems to preside over the atmosphere. Make way for serenity.


La Redoute ### This cast iron Buddha head reminds us of the sculptures exhibited in museums. We therefore like to display it on the garden coffee table or on a piece of furniture on the terrace like a work of art.

Low table

Maisons du Monde ### The "Buddha" trend is also available for outdoor furniture, like this pretty coffee table whose base is made up of two back-to-back statuettes of Buddhas.


Maisons du Monde ### Beautiful representation of a seated Buddha made of tinted resin which should amaze those passing through the garden.


Maisons du Monde ### Another example of a seated Buddha who is adopted to infuse an Asian and soothing mood between charm and elegance outside.