Unusual garden furniture and accessories

Unusual garden furniture and accessories

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Do you want an original garden with furniture that changes from woven resin and accessories other than lanterns? The designers are there for you with original pieces to install in the garden. We have selected 10 pieces of furniture and accessories for a garden like no other.

A luminous totem

Le Deun Luminaire If the traditional lanterns and other light spots do not satisfy you to light your garden, Le Deun Luminaires offers you to install a kind of luminous totem. A large luminous circle contains a medallion for a very Zen look that is sure to make you think.

An exotic totem

MANAKAIRO Speaking of totems, it's at Manakairo that it happens! To dress your garden and give it volume, they have imagined a wooden sculpture that gives your garden an enigmatic and exotic look. Something to challenge your guests.

A classic chair

NEYRAT PEYRONIE Do you think all the outdoor furniture looks the same? So opt for a garden chair which is inspired by the chairs in the dining room with this model which is made from the classic medallion armchairs.

A new generation vegetable garden

Bacsac Do you want an urban vegetable garden? Bacsac offers special "bags" to accommodate plants to create a mobile and original vegetable garden. These bags also exist in hanging flower pots for an unprecedented look.

A green chair

Coming B If you want your garden furniture to blend in with your lawn, you can bet on green furniture from Coming B. It is dressed entirely in fake grass to play the chameleon in the garden.

A bright flower pot

FR66 What if you scrambled the codes by using an object for another function than the one for which it is intended? At FR66, you will find a flower pot which is in fact a light to illuminate your garden in an original way.

An original light

The boat bird A magical atmosphere guaranteed with this porcelain light fixture which is nothing but a little fairy to install wherever you want. We put this funny character to transform the look of the garden.

A bench for the sulky

Sisko Design How to be together without being so? The answer lies in this garden bench which seems to be imagined for pouting people because instead of sitting next to each other, we stand back to back. Original!

An unusual flower pot

Vondom What if you transform your plants into real garden sculptures? With this pot, your plants take height to become decorative objects in their own right and give character to your garden.