Install a carpet in the nursery

Install a carpet in the nursery

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The play mat is not the only one to find its place in the nursery. The decorative carpet, not only reserved for adults, warms the little ones' room with playful patterns, soft colors and soft materials. Take a look at our selection of creations specially designed for them.

A carpet in the shape of a butterfly

La Redoute In a little girl's room, bring a touch of play with this butterfly-shaped rug that is sure to catch her eye. Its soft texture will be ideal for its first getaways on the ground.

A puzzle piece rug

Baby Cabriole Original shape for this rug that looks like a big puzzle piece. If you opted for a pink bedroom, bet on a carpet in the same tones or on the contrary break the total look with a brown or white model for example.

A star carpet

Magic Cradle The stars are not only reserved for teenagers' rooms and find their place in the baby room. This starred room from head to toe then becomes a real place of reverie. We love !

A warm carpet

Ikea To warm up a room with a sober decoration, put everything on a carpet in warm tones. We particularly like this dark red carpet that is part of light wooden furniture.

A Tetris rug

Alondra Combining decoration and playing with a carpet is not impossible. The proof with this purple model inspired by the Tetris game, the elements of which interlock and dislodge as desired.

A carpet with small animals

La Redoute Farm, forest and savannah animals will be your allies to decorate the bedroom with your little ones. This cozy model focuses on sobriety and simplicity with drawings of small sheep.

A bubble carpet

La Redoute This large round rug has no problem dressing the baby's room. To create a fun and funny decor, why not opt ​​for bubbles of different sizes to place here and there in the room?

A carpet with colored circles

Vertbaudet To bring color to the baby's room, we suggest this pretty rug with colorful circles that looks like a watercolor palette. In the middle of the room or under the cradle, it brings pep to the decor.

A green and fluffy carpet

Pinolino Nature has gently invited itself into this nursery with a large green lawn effect carpet. We install some mushroom stuffed animals and voila to create a very natural decor.


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