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The decor in multicolored mode

The decor in multicolored mode

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A touch of madness, a zest of vitamins and lots of colors: these are the right ingredients to dare the card of a pop decor color block version. Or how to prolong the dazzling frenzy of summer so as to keep your good looks at the start of the school year!


Fly ### Juggling between pink, blue, plum and apple-green doors, the kitchen's tall furniture plays with colors. A nice way to bring freshness, dynamism and good humor in the most culinary of the rooms of the house.

Multicolored decor

Fly ## Tart ### The dining table took out the mismatched card, surrounding itself with a yellow, green and orange chair. The icing on the cake ? Blue, purple, red or yellow decorative boxes that perfectly complement this very pop mood.

Multicolour to feminine

Fly ### Flashy purple click-clack, tufted wool carpet in mosaic version, pink nesting tables, poufs and yellow cushions: this is the magic formula for a feminine pop decor.

Vitamin E

Fly ### Between the sofa and the bright orange bookcase, the living room seems to be full of vitamins. Determined to boost the atmosphere as much as possible, he also surrounded himself with pink and purple coffee tables and decorative cushions and accessories in yellow sun!


Fly ### The studio is not shy. Mixing without complex purple, yellow and orange in the decor, it breaks free from any traditional code requiring a certain attention on the assembly of colors, to reveal a fun, young and sparkling atmosphere of cheerfulness.


Ikea ### Brought back from a trip to African soil, decorative accessories in ethnic style have flourished in the house. But since the time is right for the color, we choose them, of course, in freshly vitaminized shades that are sure to awaken the decor and create a change of scenery ...

Color block

Ikéa ### Candy pink walls, flashy pink sofa, lawn green armchairs, arty cushion and colorful striped carpet: who spoke of color block decor?

Large mix of colors

Ikéa ### To awaken a wall delicately dressed in a purple hue, we dared to assemble a set of mirrors which are oddly offset and really tangy. Arranged in staggered rows, they reveal, from the top of their rounded corners, a gradient of sky blue, girly pink, lemon yellow and orange…


Maisons du Monde ### The exterior also calls for its rainbow note to see life in color. He just had to align deckchairs of each color next to each other to take up the challenge!