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The 20 most beautiful shared gardens in the world

The 20 most beautiful shared gardens in the world

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In recent years, gardens designed, built and maintained by the locals have flourished in the city. They are called shared, collective or community gardens and have the objectives of promoting exchanges between neighbors through social, cultural or educational activities. From Paris to Berlin, via Melbourne, New York or Tokyo, discover the most beautiful shared gardens in the world.

A vegetable garden on the roofs of Paris

Veni Verdi In Paris too, there is no shortage of community gardens! Inaugurated in 2015, the vegetable garden at 6 rue d'Aboukir (2nd arrondissement) delights locals and offers a view of the Parisian rooftops. This green roof was designed in partnership with the Veni Verdi association, which specializes in the creation of gardens in an urban environment.

The Paul Stone participatory garden in England

Nathalie Pasquel In this urban garden signed by the landscape designer Paul Stone, we come across original sculptures but also (and above all) a vegetable garden which cultivates many aromatic herbs as well as an impressive variety of vegetables and 10,000 different plants. Enough to come and serve to prepare a delicious salad!

Liz Christy Community Garden in New York

Laura Goggin Photography The New York garden Liz Christy (named after its designer) is the very first shared garden in the world. He has instilled a certain interest in participatory agriculture in urban areas, and this across the entire planet. For more info, visit the official website.

Hope Garden in New York

Laura Goggin Photography The big apple is not short of community gardens. The proof with the Hope Garden which lives up to its name. Located on Second Avenue, it advocates plant diversity and the participation of residents (young and old) in living in a greener and less polluted space in the heart of the city.

The Ruisseau garden in Paris

Mairie de Paris This pretty garden is found at Porte de Clignancourt in the 18th arrondissement of the French capital. The very first community green space inaugurated in Paris in 2003, it is located along an old railway line, which offers a striking landscape.

Orchard Alley Garden in New York

Laura Goggin Photography Between the benches and the natural stones, we wander in this green lung cut off from the noise of the city. In this haven of peace, we do not necessarily realize that all these plants were born from the small hands of New Yorkers.

The Eden project in the UK

Eden project This fascinating landscape in the heart of Cornwall (in the south-west of England) is that of the Eden project, an environmental complex created by Tim Smit and designed by the architect Nicholas Grimshaw. It consists of two greenhouses, open to the public since 2001.

The Green Oasis and Gilbert's Sculpture Garden in New York

Laura Goggin Photography In these two adjacent gardens, there are flowers, vegetable plots but also a small Asian-style hut where apprentice gardeners meet. Something to get away from while working for a greener and more environmentally friendly planet.

The Shared Hedges of the Casque d'Or Garden in Paris

Mairie de Paris This is one of the largest shared gardens in Paris. The area of ​​Shared Hedges measures no less than 1400 square meters. They are part of the Jardin Casque d'Or, located at 43 rue des Haies in the twentieth arrondissement of Paris.

The Pop Up Patch in Melbourne

Farrah Allan Incredible the metamorphosis of this former Melbourne car park transformed into a vast shared garden! 140 crates of vegetables have been installed on the site and are rented by members of the Pop Up Patch, residents, restaurants and businesses. Open to the public every day of the week, the space is also a training center where numerous workshops are set up.

The shared garden of sighs

One pea out of ten In the twentieth arrondissement of Paris, at number 18 of the Passage des Soupirs is a pretty 300 m² collective garden. In compliance with the Green Hand Charter, the association, made up of nature lovers, uses environmentally friendly gardening methods: organic fertilizers, composting, planting of species adapted to the soil and climate, management of the water. A small green paradise where walkers can roam freely, in the presence of a gardener from the association.

The Prinzessinnengärten shared garden in Germany

Marco Clausen It is in the popular district of Kreuzberg, in Berlin, that a fully transportable shared garden is nicknamed the Garden of the Princesses (Prinzessinnengärten). It also has a small outdoor restaurant offering organic and homemade dishes, a shop-shack where visitors can buy vegetables and aromatic plants, a playground for children and a library. More than just a garden, the Prinzessinnengärten is above all an ecological, educational, economic and social project!

West Side Community Garden in New York

Tracy's New York Life Located in the Upper West Side, between Columbus and Amsterdam, New York's West Side Community Garden has the particularity of organizing the Tulip Festival each year in April. The opportunity for the locals to plant thousands of tulips of different varieties and colors and for visitors to contemplate and photograph this pretty collective garden.

The Ruisseau Bois-Joli community garden in Quebec

JCRBJ The Bois-Joli stream, to which this 2 hectare shared garden owes its name, is at the heart of this unique environment, offering 4.5 km of walking trails. Strollers discover an impressive biodiversity throughout the 12 sectors with various themes such as the garden of medicinal plants, the kindergarten for birds and birds, the grandmother's garden with its old roses or the sea-winds path which leads to the bay of Sept Îles. It is an ideal destination for fresh air, admiring the trees and flowers, picnicking, bird watching or exercising your talents as a photographer. Several activities are offered there during the year. Formerly abandoned, this space was taken over in 1994 by a group of volunteers for the good of the community and the environment.

Miracle Garden in New York

MaxVT In 1983, residents of this neighborhood of East Village took possession of this abandoned space, an old crack smoking house, and imagined Miracle Garden, a peaceful community garden, in the heart of the city.

The Machinaka vegetable garden in Tokyo

Soradofarm Built on the roof of Ebisu station in Tokyo five years ago, this geometric vegetable garden, known as Machinaka, was so successful that it started to replicate and is currently distributed in thirteen stations of the network.

Martineau Gardens in Birmingham

Martineau Gardens This beautiful, green space two miles from Birmingham City center is actually a beautiful community garden and a charity. An oasis for wildlife, a haven of tranquility or simply an ideal destination for an outdoor adventure.

A shared garden on the roof of the Vignoles Gymnasium in Paris

Laura Meulemans, Maria Cotela Arranged on the roof of the Gynmnase Vignoles in the XXth arrondissement of Paris, the project was envisaged as a hanging garden above a building in the city. This offers users and residents a green space where they can pass freely to take a look at the tomatoes and other corn plants that have just been planted. Its plus: its exceptional view over Paris!

The ECObox shared garden in Paris

Yannick Labrousse Favorite for this sublime recovered garden, located along the railway track, leading to the Gare du Nord in the Chapelle district. This one amazes, amazes by its colors and by the investment of the space which is carried out there. Here we garden in bins, pallets, but also shoes, teapots. We transform metal pipes into a strawberry tower, we create convivial spaces and we host many concerts. A true little paradise!