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Plain and colorful rugs enliven our interiors

Plain and colorful rugs enliven our interiors

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In modern homes, rugs are used to give an atmosphere and character to a room. Cozy style, cocooning, warm, retro, pop in a monochrome or colorful style ... This element of decoration definitely brings added value and an atmosphere to our whole room. Discover without further delay the selection we have found for you

The hook becomes trendy In recent years, handmade has been on the rise. After the “Do It Yourself”, it's time for “Do By Myself”. Thus, far from the unflattering clichés of ladies patronesses armed with their needles and far from the standardization of the world, certain brands are betting on offering objects to make oneself. Here, the Zess layered pink openwork crochet rug to make yourself according to tutorial or to order.

A geometric carpet

Jory Pradelle Since antiquity, the art of mosaic has always inspired artists and has never ceased to seduce us as this sublime carpet with bright colors and geometric patterns of pop inspiration proves. We crack!

Unstructured and colorful

Sonya Winner Bring color and dynamism to your interior with the designer carpet After Matisse by Sonya Winner. Inspired by the works of the famous painter Matisse, this rug with irregular shapes, with variations in heights, sizes and colors is the essential accessory for pep's and avant-garde decoration.

The carpet becomes a work of art deco

We Make Carpets Favorite for the elegant and contemporary carpet designed by the Dutch brand We Make Carpets. Made from plastic cups and trays, forks, paper clips and many other everyday objects and accessories, it is the essential element of an eco-friendly and trendy decoration.

Flower Power Spirit

Esprit Home Bring nature into your interior and bring a spring touch to your space with the Esprit home floral carpet. Colorful, sparkling and bright, this pretty hand-tufted rug is not lacking in qualifiers and will seduce you with its cheerful and playful designs. It will find a special place in your child's room.

A graphic and sculptural carpet

Maisons du Monde Bet on originality in your classic living room by opting for the pure ecru wool round carpet signed Maisons du Monde. You will be seduced by its refined rosette patterns that will give your space a touch of elegance with ease.

The baroque touch

Allo Carpets Choose a baroque style decor and let yourself be transported by the exuberance and aesthetics of this sublime carpet with patterns inspired by the renaissance. Its bright colors will bring warmth and cheerfulness to your interior.

A modular carpet

Vorwerk Who has never dreamed of being able to change the decoration of his interior as he wishes. With the Worverck carpet it's possible! Its original and clever system will allow you to modulate your carpet, create its shape, choose the length and the colors in the blink of an eye.

A carpet for small budgets

Maisons du Monde No need to break your piggy bank to give a trendy look to your interior. Just opt ​​for the beige star carpet from the Maisons du Monde brand. Elegant, it will go perfectly with any type of interior and will bring a touch of originality in all discretion.


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