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6 timeless and trendy decoration styles for a wedding

6 timeless and trendy decoration styles for a wedding

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1. A simple and trendy bohemian wedding decoration


It was believed that the bohemian trend would be fleeting and years later, it still leads the way wedding decorations the most essential. His secret? A magical atmosphere that leaves the beaten track by evoking travel, the good life and nature. The principle is simple, we dive into the hippie chic era with ribbons and dreamcatchers, lace and ethnic patterns. The bride is barefoot and the hair loose with a wreath of flowers, the aisles strewn with candle holders and the tables of garlands of light ... The most bobo grooms are often even barefoot on a floor strewn with carpets!

2. Country decor for a trendy wedding


Want a simple and charming wedding decoration? We come back to basics with a country theme inspired by the marriages of our ancestors. Long tables with their benches, a few bales of hay in the corners, overturned barrels and watering cans or wheelbarrows for decoration, candles on the tables and slates for the menu ... with tons of bouquets of wildflowers or branches, lanterns in the courtyard and an avalanche of wood, linen, raffia or wicker. Not only the country wedding is timeless, but it's also trendy and romantic, who says better?

3. A classic chic wedding with a timeless decoration


Difficult to make more timeless than the classic chic, a traditional wedding theme and easy to adopt. The principle ? Tablecloths and white crockery, silver cutlery and crystal glasses (or glass, but shhh ...) with pretty floral arrangements based on roses. Romantic, simple and chic, yet still as trendy when choosing a wedding decoration. Especially since the decor is easy to customize by adding color in touches, from green for nature inspiration to gray for the contemporary look.

4. The marine theme for a wedding decoration


Because not everyone can organize a beach wedding, the marine theme is as trendy as it is timeless. Nothing very complicated to set the scene, we plan miniature boats and decorative shells, buoys and sand, all on a shades of blue available in flowing fabrics and transparent materials. Glass, muslin, veil, plastic, anything reminiscent of the sea is welcome for a wedding decoration as magical as it is original ... With a touch of silver or mother-of-pearl, success guaranteed even for a city reception away from the beach!

5. Retro wedding with vintage-inspired decoration


A retro wedding is shabby chic style with a touch of DIY to create a romantic decoration. The unavoidable ? Vintage pieces mottled trendy. Colored glasses, old candlesticks, painted porcelain and patinated wood, lace and candlesticks ... We pick from grandmother's cupboards or we scramble the flea markets, we take out the silverware and earthenware tureens for the table decoration. Without hesitation to recycle old photos or postcards for menus or place cards!

6. A glamorous decoration for a timeless wedding


For a sophisticated atmosphere, make way for glamorous room decor, a trend that does not know the crisis! White, gold, crystal, passion red or fuchsia pink, guaranteed star wedding effect ... and good news, you can cheat with gold and classic glass when you cannot afford to combine gold and crystal. We put on chandeliers and candlesticks for the romantic atmosphere, we choose a beautiful white paper with golden lettering in cursive letters for the menus… and we sow beautiful bouquets of flowers on the tables, with handfuls of glitter, of course .


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