10 trash ideas that have style!

10 trash ideas that have style!

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1. A tone-on-tone mini-bin


To give style to waste, two ideas: miniature and tone on tone. First, the mini trash is crisp, two, in white on white, it gains in elegance and integrates with the decor to make itself better forgotten. The icing on the bin, the white metallic version with some black details is part of the modernity of black and white.

2. A trash can hidden in a cloth basket


Dress up a trash can, it's sometimes as simple as a cloth basket. You can find them everywhere, in all colors, plain or patterned, enough to adapt the style to the decor of the room… and hide the old plastic trash inside without throwing it away. As for purists, know that there are also real garbage cans with fabric coverings.

3. Coordinated metal bins


The metal trash cans They are also ultra-trendy and can be found at all prices in a wide range of sizes and colors. The right idea? We choose two or three of different sizes and colors, matching the decor of the room. Not only is the result impressive, but above all we have separate bins for sorting paper, plastic and glass!

4. A braided bamboo bin


To add a natural note to the house, the trash can be transformed into a real decorative asset. We choose it braided in bamboo, rattan or other natural materials, we can even pretend that we brought it back from a trip… And failing to find a real bamboo trash can, we just divert a woven basket with a bag inside.

5. A white bin with lid


When we are looking for LA stylish trash can, both discreet and trendy, capable of adapting to all decoration themes, no need to go far: the white metal trash can with lid is the must-have of the moment. Its cover ensures cleanliness and refinement, the metal is both chic and practical, the trendy and timeless white ... Result, a trash can as perfect in a teenage bedroom as in an adult office!

6. A mesh trash can


As much to be honest, the wire mesh trash can is to be avoided in a kitchen, at the risk of seeing the apple cores pass through or the trash bag point in the holes. For a paper bin in the office, however, it is divine, especially when you match it with a mesh wall organizer, also particularly trendy!

7. A bin to match office accessories


Why make it complicated when it can be simple ? A matching trash can office accessories are chic, practical, economical and easy to find. In a sleek Scandinavian decor, we opt for gray, but nothing and no one will prevent us from playing the bright colors in a sewing room or a child's room!

8. A copper bin


We know, we serve you copper in all sauces. But metal is trendy, elegant, less baroque than gold and hotter than silver… how to do without it? The principle is the same in the trash, the copper gives it the refinement it lacked, and the result is as impressive in a kitchen as in a bathroom.

9. A stainless steel bin for a stainless steel kitchen


When you look for an XXL kitchen, design and practical for cooking, you usually come back to the basics. And the stainless steel trash can is one, since it is easy to clean, hides waste, traps odors, exists in a foot pedal or automatic opening version with detector… and fits perfectly in a modern white, gray or stainless steel kitchen!

10. An ultra-design black and metal bin


In a 100% designer interior, it’s not easy to tidy up the trash… unless it too has a contemporary look! Promised, they exist, these garbage cans with an arty sculpture look. And in metal + black version, the result is unstoppable, to the point that guests may not understand that it is a trash can. Successful bet.


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