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Discover Alinéa's new products for 2012/2013

Discover Alinéa's new products for 2012/2013

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For its fall / winter 2012-2013 collection, Alinéa boasts 4 trends so that everyone can find furniture and accessories to their liking. On the program: casual tweed inspirations, a poetic spirit, a japan spirit style or even a free fun time atmosphere to discover in pictures. All for the sake of respecting the environment!

Japan Spirit

Alinéa Japan Spirit is a skilful blend of minimalism and refinement that offers a delicate pattern and colors inspired by prints. This style is especially printed on textiles. Thus, cushions, curtains and other throws are sure to wake up your living room or bedroom.

Poetic Factory

Alinéa For Alinéa, an urban interior can also take on a poetic look. The brand offers simple furniture for this, whose materials are worked and nostalgic in order to offer a timeless style to the whole. The raw wood then mixes with the brushed metal and the objects seem to tell a story for a decor with sensitive looks.

Free Fun Time

Alinéa Because decoration can also be fun, Alinéa offers a range of cheerful and regressive furniture and accessories. The decor is then graphic, multicolored and uninhibited with original paintings, funny poufs and colorful storage.

Accessories for all styles

Alinéa At Alinéa, you will find many accessories that will allow you to assert your personality through your decoration. Do you like original objects? Bet on vases with almost artistic lines. Do you love Asia and the Zen philosophy? Decorate your interior with Buddha statuettes.

Alinea children's armchair

Alinéa Children's furniture Children are not left behind with a dedicated furniture collection. And so that the little ones can play with the big ones, Alinéa offers them furniture that looks like that of the parents but with a playful touch in addition like this armchair with the delicious pink color.

Childish patterns

Alinéa To make children feel good about their decoration, Alinéa offers them patterns that are sure to seduce them. You will find polka dots that dress textiles in soft colors but also butterflies and stars for a child's room personalized according to everyone's tastes.

Bed linen for children

Paragraph It is often said that bed linen sets the tone for the decoration of the room. Well, this is also the case for children who will find at Alinéa funny ornaments that will not fail to develop their imagination with warm colors and little characters as a companion.

Furniture for playing and working

Paragraph In order for the youngest to develop at their own pace, the brand has thought of furniture that can be used at several stages in the child's life. Thus this small table will serve as well for children's snacks as for the first creative works and later for homework.

Universes for babies

Alinéa Because the decor has no age, the nursery is also the scene of a neat and very soft decoration. Alinéa offers practical furniture to optimize the room but also very playful decorative accessories.


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