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Which carpet for my bathroom?

Which carpet for my bathroom?

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The bathroom is a room where you can definitely let go. It adapts to all styles with some smart accessories like the soap dish, the towels and especially the carpet which sets the tone. Here are some ideas for choosing the right rug for your pond.

Long hairs

Spoiler Putting your feet on a soft carpet at the end of the shower is a real comfort. We particularly like a long haired model in a bright color like orange or yellow which brings a touch of vitality to the bathroom.

Matches shower curtain

Delamaison The bathroom is a room that lends itself particularly to a playful and colorful decor. So you can easily dare a carpet with small round patterns to match the shower curtain.

Nature style

Spoiler If you like the natural style, know that it adapts perfectly to a bathroom decor. Opt for bamboo-style wooden furniture, and choose a carpet in green tones to bring a touch of greenery to the room.

Gray for sobriety

Ikéa In a bathroom that is simple, bet on a gray, white or even black carpet. So that it brings a decorative touch, you can choose it with small squares with ease.

Baroque pattern

Delamaison A plain rug can also bring a real dose of decoration to the bathroom. If you like the Baroque style, bet on a model with a damask pattern, all in scrolls and arabesques typical of this style.

A colorful carpet

Arte Espina If you want to add a touch of color to a sober bathroom, opt for a colorful carpet. Installed on a dark floor like black or brown, it will stand out even more.

A soft carpet

Delamaison If you like rugs without flourishes, you can also think of a beige carpet with very simple patterns like this model with white and brown ripples which bring a lot of finesse.

Zen carpet

Delamaison In a Zen bathroom that breathes well-being, we like the plain brown carpet, which is thick and provides a lot of comfort. It harmonizes flawlessly with raw wood furniture.


Ikéa Turquoise invites itself without restraint in the bathroom in carpet and towel. In a large room, you can even adopt two to install in front of the sink and in front of the shower.