Gray: the favorite color for your kitchen

Gray: the favorite color for your kitchen

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Do you want a trendy cuisine but one that never tires you quickly? Then adopt gray in the kitchen for an atmosphere that is both current and timeless! True chameleon, gray also adapts to all styles to easily settle in your home. The proof in 10 inspirations.

Gray in a retro version

Ikea Gray will be an ideal color for a retro atmosphere in your kitchen. We then adopt furniture with old lines which is adorned with an elegant gray. A good idea also to revamp your old kitchen furniture.

Urban gray

Lapeyre In this open kitchen, gray brings a trendy note which corresponds well to the urban spirit given off by the brick wall and the concrete effect floor. As you can see, red is ideal for enhancing gray cuisine.

Gray in an arty version

Alinéa Here, gray is not installed on the furniture but on the walls to give a trendy note to the white furniture in the room. The little touch that makes the whole take off? A note of neon yellow which goes perfectly with the gray color.

Gray in pop version

Lapeyre In this modern kitchen, gray helps moderate the tart green of the wall. For a very decorative pop atmosphere, the worktops also adopt this color and give character to the whole.

Gray in wood version

Purpose Be aware that the gray color is not incompatible with wooden furniture. On the contrary, gray wood will give a very chic masculine atmosphere to your kitchen. With some stainless steel accessories, the decor is set!

Gray in Scandinavian version

Aviva Here, make way for simplicity with gray furniture with clean lines that combine with a credenza in light wood for a successful Scandinavian atmosphere.

Raw gray

Aviva To give a raw atmosphere to this graphic kitchen, we adopt gray worktops that have a certain roughness that evokes stone or worked concrete. What give relief to your kitchen!

Gray glamor version

Cuisinella For a more feminine and elegant kitchen, we adopt gray in a lacquered version which gives a shiny effect to your storage units. Also choose a fairly clear tone. Why not pearl gray?

Gray in studio version

Darty Gray will be the ally of small kitchens that are often found in studios because the simplicity of the furniture will then be offset by the trendy style of color.


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