Chez Sean et Rachelle: Bugaboo by Diesel x The Selby

Chez Sean et Rachelle: Bugaboo by Diesel x The Selby

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"I'm pretty messy myself, so rather than buying myself a pipe, I jump on every opportunity to present the mess in a trendy way," likes to say Todd Selby. Todd Selby has dazzled us for years with his project "The Selby", revealing the interiors - not always tidy therefore - of artists from around the world. On the occasion of the collaboration of Bugaboo and Diesel and the Caméléon stroller that was born, Todd Selby went to the house of the McPherson family…

Quirky style

The Selby In the living room, there is a clever mix of antique furniture, antiques and toys for children - what child would not dream of a swing in his living room?

Family cooking

The Selby In the kitchen, pancakes are made with 8 hands. With some flour accidents…

Kitchen, bottles and cement tiles

The Selby In the kitchen, Sean and Rachelle have chosen open cupboards that allow you to admire the colored cement tiles.

Hide and seek and vintage suitcases

The Selby Upstairs we play hide and seek. Old stacked vintage suitcases serve as chic storage.

Children's room and herd of zebras

The Selby In Maxwell's room, the walls are covered with superb zebra tapestry or personal art.

Bath time

The Selby Maxwell found his mother's favorite lipstick ... The bathroom is bright. We like the mirror placed on the edge of the retro bathtub.

Let's jump on the bed

The Selby In Sean and Rachelle's room, we finish getting ready - or we jump on the bed! We admire the bedside lamp with its mineral base and the shoe closet that we can see in the background.

Bugaboo x Diesel

The Selby Everyone is ready and now Maxwell and Dashiell are waiting in the living room with their favorite stroller for their parents to hurry a little to go for a walk.

In the heart of the Meatpacking District

The Selby Sean and Rachelle's house is housed in the old slaughterhouses of the 1950s in the Meatpacking District, which has become the very fashionable district of New York in recent years.


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