10 touches of yellow to wake up the house

10 touches of yellow to wake up the house

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In the spring / summer 2014 fashion collections, yellow makes a dramatic entry to wake up the wardrobe. Why not take inspiration from this trend to give life to the house? Here are 10 touches of yellow that crack the decor!

A yellow bedside table

Ikea In this dark-colored room, yellow awakens the whole without distorting the retro atmosphere of the room.

A yellow chair

Ikea To bring out the blue of the walls of this room, we opted for a yellow office chair. It allows a third color to enter the room by playing on the card of subtlety.

Yellow to mark out the spaces

Ikea In this space shared by several children, each has its own color! A touch of yellow brings the decor to life. It has the advantage of perfectly adapting to black and its modernity.

A yellow trash can

Ikea In this workshop, the yellow trash bin is a nod to the spirit of the construction site because yellow is one of the favorite colors of signage!

Yellow armchairs

Ikea We told you, this spring, yellow will take over your wardrobe! But not only in the cupboards since you can also play with yellow armchairs in the dressing room.

Yellow in the kitchen

Alinéa To vitaminate this kitchen, we decided to paint the window frame and a shelf in acid yellow. A paid idea that highlights the gray of the room.

Yellow for storage

Paragraph How to bring color into a storage unit? Simply by adopting lockers or yellow storage boxes that bring a playful touch to the furniture.

Small yellow furniture

Fly In this designer interior, small yellow furniture comes to wake up the whole. The black / yellow duo works wonderfully to give character to a rather refined design atmosphere.

Yellow for a chair

Fly The trend is for mismatched chairs in the dining room so why not play with the different colors and adopt a yellow chair that will put a good mood in the room?