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Teenage bedroom flies to New York

Teenage bedroom flies to New York

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A trip to New York is what makes your teenager dream. But to start, you could offer him a round trip on the spot, in his room, thanks to furniture and accessories evoking the city of Spider-Man, Gossip Girl and many others. Immediate takeoff for the Big Apple.

With a carpet

Goal ### New York decoration from floor to ceiling! To begin with, a carpet displaying the mythical skyline, including the Statue of Liberty, all on an American flag-style background. Because the city that never sleeps is a bit like "the American dream" ...

With a coat rack

Goal ### More than a coat stand, this model plays the NYC special decor with its form of sign indicating the most famous districts or streets of New York: Brooklyn, Central Park, 5th avenue or Broadway…

With a screen

La Redoute ### Open this screen in 3, and bring the excitement of the streets of the Big Apple into the teenager's room! Here is a half stylized partition.

With bed linen

Les 3 Suisses ### Dressed in a bed set revealing the inscriptions "NY" and patterns taking on the silhouette of the skyscrapers, the bed sets the scene.

With a headboard

La Redoute ### Topped with a panoramic view of Manhattan, the bed has a very New York look.

With a storage unit

Fly ### At the corner of the bedroom, a fuchsia pink piece of furniture catches our eye. Marked by the imposing silhouette of the Empire State Building, it brings a New York note to the decor.

With a sticker

Goal ### As soon as you cross the threshold, you only see him: this sticker affixed above the bed, his inscription "New York" in capital letters and his view of the city's rooftops.

With a cushion

Goal ### On the bed, a cushion proudly displays the 6 letters of New York and the motif of a yellow taxi, king of traffic in this urban jungle!

With a poster

Goal ### The Empire State Building is to New York what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris. On a poster, he creates a change of scenery in the bedroom.

With curtains

3 Suisses Curtains in the teenage bedroom is good, but curtains revealing the inscriptions "NY" and the famous "One way" signs are even better…

With a total black and yellow look

Blanche Porte You have no doubt noticed that two colors in the decor affirm a 100% New York look: black combined with yellow. You know what you have left to do !

With a BZ cover

3 Swiss Many teenagers dream of a Bz in their room so that they can receive their friends as they should. So that this one goes perfectly with the New York decor of the bedroom, we think of the adequate duvet cover with buildings.

With buildings at the head of the bed

Maisons du Monde Favorite for this teenage bedroom which has everything of a small New York loft. Headboard in building, bedside table with the image of the Big Apple, metal wardrobe and bright yellow floor lamp, everything is there!

With a pouffe

3 Suisses There is no question of forgetting the ottoman in your teen's bedroom. For the occasion, he is adorned with aerial black and white photos of New York. Exotic!

With a new duvet cover

La Redoute If your teenager's bedroom walls are already black or gray, all you need is a single duvet cover and a few New York-style cushions to create the decor.

With decorative accessories

Maisons du Monde Sprinkle the bedroom with a few accessories and you are in the twinkling of an eye in New York. We therefore immediately adopt a decorative cushion, a New York taxi stand and a storage box covered with the name of the Big Apple.

With photos on a screen

Maisons du Monde Enjoy a helicopter ride over New York without leaving your room with this screen which presents tourist places not to be missed.

With a yellow taxi

Maisons du Monde What could be more emblematic than the famous yellow taxis that we see wandering all over New York? So we put on one of them, in a reduced version of course, as a decorative object in your teenager's bedroom.

With the Statue of Liberty

Maisons du Monde In a frame above the bed, in a small figurine on the dresser, the Statue of Liberty proudly invites itself into this teenager's room in a bright pink color full of pep.