Visit to the Roche Jagu departmental area

Visit to the Roche Jagu departmental area

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Once upon a time, on Breton soil, a fortified castle built overhanging an estuary to monitor its entrance. A few wars and hundreds of years later, a storm clears the entire surrounding forest. Because in all things, misfortune is good, it is then that the idea of ​​creating a park on the seventy hectares of the domain is born. The forest felled by the hurricane made it possible to regain the long hidden view of the small coastal river of the Trieux, offering to the domain a landscape which opens beyond the landed property. In this setting marked by the strength of granite and by the omnipresent water, all that remained was to imagine the ways to enhance the great diversity of environments and landscapes of the place. It is the landscape architect Bertrand Paulet who tackles this mission, creating in turn a medieval vegetable garden, a pleasure garden, wooded and hedged areas, a palm grove, rose gardens, an alley of camellias… All these spaces are the subject of eco-management that promotes biodiversity within the domain. The park has also become a place for scenic and artistic expression, as well as support for educational activities and nature workshops. Today the wind is blowing towards the West, so let us go to the beautiful lands of La Roche Jagu…

La Roche Jagu Garden

Cédric Bossard At the bend of a path, the view of the castle emerges, offering constantly renewed perspectives on the monument and the park.

La Roche Jagu Garden

Cédric Bossard Located in the heart of the estate, the four walled gardens of medieval inspiration welcome visitors throughout the year: bouquetier, vegetable garden, seigniorial garden and simple garden allow you to discover the uses of plants at that time.

La Roche Jagu Garden

Cédric Bossard The basket maker of the domain weaves the fences and plessis of medieval gardens, these secret gardens and protected from view. Here and there, circular openings allow glances to escape with happiness towards the sky and the surrounding landscape.

La Roche Jagu Garden

Hervé Guillaume In the old quarry, sheltered from the wind, the palm grove is the warmest place in the park, where exotic varieties from all over the world can flourish. A poetic evocation of Breton sailors and travelers.

La Roche Jagu Garden

Cédric Bossard The courtyard allows you to admire the pink sandstone facade of the 15th century castle. In the main courtyard, flower arbors and contemporary furniture by artist Béatrice Massa, all in nuances of colors and curves respond to the austere architecture of the Breton manor.

La Roche Jagu Garden

Cédric Bossard At Domaine de la Roche Jagu, water is the most important element. We hear it run down here, we see it spring up there, and it always accompanies the walker. A veritable playground for everyone, the garden offers both harmonious and playful arrangements.

La Roche Jagu Garden

Cédric Bossard The gardeners of Domaine de la Roche Jagu apply differentiated management in multiple areas of the park, such as late mowing. Fostering the preservation of local flora and fauna, these practices make the park a subtle marriage between ecological and aesthetic management.

La Roche Jagu Garden

Cédric Bossard A collection of 350 camellias is presented in the Roche Jagu park. This emblematic shrub of Brittany offers flowering from autumn to spring.

La Roche Jagu Garden

Cédric Bossard The horse pool is located in the immediate vicinity of the castle. Formerly a likely drinking trough for animals, the basin now houses works of art according to temporary summer exhibitions (on the photo: work by Guillaume Castel).

La Roche Jagu Garden

Cédric Bossard The source of the Stanco feeds retting ponds and fish ponds. A wonderful space for games and creation, the area invites artists and companies each summer to take over the park and compose with the magic of the place.


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