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Milan Furniture Fair: our top 10 favorites

Milan Furniture Fair: our top 10 favorites

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From April 14 to 19, 2015 is held in Milan, as every year, "the Salone del Mobile" - or Furniture Fair in French -, Italian equivalent of our House & Object. For this edition, Ford was brought to the forefront as an official guest through several original installations and concepts, obviously accompanied by many other big houses. Between contemporary art, craft work and ideas to reproduce at home, the editorial team, which has moved for the occasion, will reveal all the secrets of the Show as if you were there!

The bulbs signed Buster and Punch

Buster and Punch Young London brand, Buster and Punch offers a complete concept around the world of motorcycles. At first glance, we can ask the question of their presence on the Show. And yet when we discover their new products, LED bulbs, so the strapping reminds of that of the largest displacements, everything lights up. For a minimalist and industrial decor.

Mia Collection renews the wooden table

Laurent Atlan Family lunch, brunch with friends or even a work table, we imagine very well around it in solid wood. The designers of the brand went to Indonesia to find wood that is as beautiful but above all as imposing. You can easily place around twenty chairs, the assurance of never being bored at the table.

Delicacy and embroidery in the home decor

Laurent Atlan Knitting, lace and handwork are now being enhanced. Fashion effect or real revival of these trades that we thought disappeared, many young women take a liking to it. Bontempi, don't say "too bad" to the trend by offering us light and colorful containers to place on the coffee table.

The chrome legs of Italian furniture

Laurent Atlan Italians have a sense of taste, this is no longer a secret for anyone. Between fashion week and the 2015 universal exhibition, the city of Milan and its inhabitants are in turmoil. The Forti Giorgio brand based in the North of the country, brings a vintage touch as we like. The steel curves highlight the neutrality of the fabric for a contemporary living room.

The cocoon outdoors

Laurent Atlan Second crush for the Greek brand which offers us a real love nest to have in your garden or terrace for the lucky ones. Cocooning, alone, as a couple or with others now has its reason for living: outdoor furniture that plays the comfort card, without forgetting the beautiful materials and an original design.


Francesco Ravasio & Giovanni Galli Following a competition from the Lombardy region, the designer duo Francesco Ravasio & Giovanni Galli offers us the ideal piece of furniture for small spaces: a central kitchen island comprising everything we need. With the touch of a finger, the wood reveals well-thought-out storage. 1m3 is sometimes enough to mark the spirits.

The Tote Library

Laurent Atlan Very practical for small spaces, again we save space. Suspended bookcase, this piece of furniture signed Ethnicraft becomes a coat rack in the entrance and a storage compartment thanks to its alcoves which close quickly. You can slip your keys or your scarf in winter, or a pair of sunglasses in summer.

To reproduce at home

Laurent Atlan Because we cannot always crack on all objects, we can still steal some ideas from designers. Here, there is no hesitation in taking up the principle of recycling glass bottles transformed into light suspensions. For that, nothing could be simpler or almost with an electric cable, a socket and a small bulb to slide.

A bathroom signed Patricia Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola Patricia Urquiola has been living in Milan since the end of her studies and now works for major brands including Kartell and Alessi. Present at the Salone Del Mobile, she was a real star surrounded by her team, journalists and the curious. Recently she signed this creation of a bathroom / office for the Axor brand. Or how to enjoy your bath without leaving your workplace!