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10 Ikea hoods displayed in the kitchen

10 Ikea hoods displayed in the kitchen

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Friend's advice: the choice of fitted kitchen finalized, do not rush to the first hood! This equipment is not limited to its practical side, the hood also has a say in the decor. The proof with its 10 Ikea hoods that seek to be seen (rather) than to hide. The result ? A kitchen sublimated in every detail!

Turbulens Ikea hood

Ikea The Turbulens hood works on two fronts: in evacuation mode or in recycling mode. By cons, it does not compromise on style! € 559

Potentiell Ikea hood

Ikea Discreet but at the same time very singular, the Potentiell hood adorns the kitchen walls in an elegant way. € 699

Luftig Ikea hood

Ikea At less than 100 €, the Luftig hood is the ideal solution for small budgets. However, it offers the same five-year warranty as the other Ikea hoods. € 99

Läckerbit Ikea hood

Ikea This three-speed extractor hood meets the needs of kitchens with a central island. It also provides good lighting thanks to its two halogen bulbs. € 399

Harmonisk Ikea hood

Ikea A unique design for this hood with rounded curves: whether in the exhaust or recycling version, this Ikea hood always looks great. € 699

Fortrolla Ikea hood

Ikea A design that leaves no one indifferent for this off-white hood. It is ideal for monochrome kitchens that are inspired by the Scandinavian style. € 449

Vindrum Ikea hood

Ikea This extractor hood is displayed in dark gray to offer an elegant contrast to the white and glass furniture of this classic kitchen. € 159

Underverk Ikea hood

Ikea For those who want a hood as discreet as possible, the choice of the integrated product is obvious. Suddenly, the decorative effect transposes on the worked facades. € 349

Följande Ikea hood

Ikea For those who are always looking for additional storage, the Följande hood has a shelf with rail for storing spices and utensils. € 599


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