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Our decorative desires for the bedroom

Our decorative desires for the bedroom

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The new year is often an opportunity to make new decorative projects. When writing, there is no shortage of ideas and we share with you our decorative desires of the moment which will be perfect for a new room. Follow us…

A bed end like in hotels

AM.PM When you go to the hotel, you appreciate the little accessories that contribute to comfort. But why not adopt them at home too? We choose for example a bed end to be able to put your belongings.

A monumental headboard

Purpose To dramatize the bedroom, we dare a monumental headboard which will give style to the bed by making it a place of choice in the room.

A sheepskin to warm the atmosphere

Goal Impossible to miss the Scandinavian trend! Suddenly, in writing, we really want to adopt a sheepskin to warm the atmosphere and be right on trend.

A comforter to keep warm

AM.PM To accessorize the bed and give it style while keeping our toes warm, we use the comforter. And we want it to have style! So we choose it with graphic patterns like this model.

A comfortable chair

AM.PM No, the bedroom is not just a room where you sleep! Suddenly, we readily adopt a small chair where to sit for a moment of relaxation.

Light suspensions

Purpose We know that light is important in a room, but decoration too. We then combine the two with light suspensions in fabric or paper for an aerial decoration perfect for a bedroom.

A poetic wallpaper

The Collection If there is one room where you want a touch of femininity, it is the bedroom. So we dare without hesitation a romantic wallpaper to give a delicate atmosphere to the room.

Curtains to cover the windows

Heytens This year, we are dropping the curtains which only serve to protect us from prying eyes to give ourselves a real pair of curtains: the one that will give style to our room.

Linen bed linen for comfort and style

Linvosges Finally, our last decorative desire is a material: linen. We opt for this fabric for bed linen to give style to the bed while focusing on comfort.


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