Decorative coaching: Marie-Hélène's office

Decorative coaching: Marie-Hélène's office

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Our interior design coach helps readers of. Today, she advises Marie-Hélène, who wants to redesign her office into a multifunction room. If, like Marie-Hélène, you want advice on how to redecorate a room, try to win decoration coaching too!




** Paint the walls and beams to personalize the space ** - Let us bring the blue into your new space by giving it a touch of gray so that it is elegant and relaxing. - Two walls remain white, that of the central window as well as that which begins at the corner of the attic staircase and which serves the ground floor staircase, the bathroom and one of the bedrooms. The stylist's tip: Keeping two white walls will optimize the clarity of the room, create visual breaks and highlight the different volumes. - Almost all the other walls are to be painted in this gray-blue, preferably matt. Only one wall is to be painted in an anthracite gray, that of the video projector. Be careful, the idea is to create a white screen (with paint) framed by gray. - The window frames must be painted in the color of the walls, so that they are an integral part of the wall. - When the wall is gray-blue, you will paint the door frames in black, this will bring a contrast which will enhance the color of your wall. When the wall is white, the frames will remain in the same shade and disappear in this way. - The beams are dressed in white so as to create a real contrast on the gray-blue wall. Light tip: it is better to paint them in lacquer to give them a beautiful light. ** Play on different light sources to create a warm atmosphere ** - Dress your bare bulb with a lampshade: you will see that the atmosphere of your room will change immediately. - A fabric lampshade will bring a soft and felted light. The green color chosen is a color reminder of one of the poufs in the TV corner. - A striped portable lamp is fixed with a hook on the video projector side. Near the sofa, it is also used to light a reading corner Decorative tip: the stripes of the lamp are a reminder of the stripes formed by the black frame of some doors. - On the office side, a colorful and industrial touch boosts space and awakens it with originality. Light tip: Different low-intensity light points create a warm atmosphere.


** The office corner ** - Create your office space in the most secluded corner of the room, more conducive to calm and concentration. - Create a tailor-made desk using 2 white shelves, 2 meters long. Lockers and feet will help you keep them in place while providing the storage tip. - When you are facing the window, place the desk to the left of it. Two white wooden chairs provide an elegant and Scandinavian look. - A wall of mirrors finds its place in the office corner: it is a graphic wink that will reflect the light entering through the large window. Light tip: to modulate the light, linen curtains will gently filter out too intense light.