Credenza bar, handy bar

Credenza bar, handy bar

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Who would have thought that a simple metal bar would provide so many services in the kitchen? And yet it is true! Multifunctional, the credenza bar frees up the work surface and allows us to keep the essentials close at hand. Demonstration in pictures.

Cutting board holder

Ikea Placed in suspension, below the splash bar, the cutting boards will help decorate your kitchen. For more effect, do not hesitate to superimpose them on each other, by varying sizes and colors.

Pan holder

Ikea No more closets cluttered with pots and pans! Hanging vertically under the credenza bar, you optimize the space in your drawers and keep your cooking equipment near the stove.

Kitchen utensil holder

Leroy Merlin Don't forget to dedicate a space to your kitchen utensils. Very practical to save time when preparing meals!

Spice rack

Brico Depot To facilitate the storage of the kitchen, think of the jars to organize your spices. And for greater convenience, place them on your credenza bar.

Condiment holder

Ikea You can also combine your oils and other condiments in a large pot placed under the credenza bar.

Aromatic herb carrier

Ikea If you are not lucky enough to have a balcony or a garden where you can grow your aromatic plants, you can hang those bought commercially on your credenza bar. Fresh, they will also diffuse a pleasant smell in the kitchen.

Food packaging holder

Aviva If you do not have the possibility of having a storage drawer dedicated to food packaging, combine a splashback solution with a hanging accessory for wrapping paper always at hand.

Digital tablet holder

Kesserböhmer To protect your iPad and cook safely, simply install your device on a shelf built into the credenza bar.

Bottle holder

I love details Rather than piling them up on your kitchen counter, place your delicious nectars above the worktop, hanging from the credenza bar, of course.

Soap dish

Lapeyre Above the sink, the splashback bar proudly carries a sponge and dish soap. Convenient !

Towel holder

Lapeyre To dry a container that has just been washed or to dry your hands after a pastry transfer, it is always necessary to have a cloth near you in the kitchen! You just have to wrap it around the credence bar…


Lapeyre To keep the recipe for a dish in front of you while you are active in the kitchen, nothing like a book holder fixed above the worktop, on the credenza bar, of course.

Holder towel

Lapeyre After the cloth hanging on the credenza bar, it's time for the paper towel! We unroll, and voila.

Cup holder

Aviva Swap the daily back-and-forth of coffee cups in the cupboard for storage hanging from the credenza bar! Practical, space saving and efficient!

Lamp holder

Fly Need to see more clearly? Hang your portable lamp on the credenza bar!

Decorative object holder

Lapeyre The credenza bar even surrounds itself with decorative accessories, a frame, a retro sign… Enough to give it even more allure!

Capsule Rack

Lapeyre Given the amount of coffee consumed per week, it is better to count on the walls to carry some of the capsules! Thanks to the credenza bar!

Cutlery holder

Lapeyre After having washed cutlery and utensils used for the preparation of the meal in the sink, it only remains to place them in the cutlery holder fixed on the splashback bar while they dry!

Holder plants

Lapeyre Installing a few pots of plants on the worktop seems too cumbersome? Then think of storing them on a plant holder itself suspended from the credenza bar!


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