Candy presents its first range of connected appliances

Candy presents its first range of connected appliances

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Do you dream of interactivity between you and your household appliances? What if we tell you it's possible thanks to Candy's new Simply-Fi range? Oven, dishwasher or hood can be launched remotely from your smartphone or tablet in just a few clicks. Available in June 2015, the editorial 'presents you in preview these new connected products that will make your life easier.

The Candy induction hob

Thanks to the Candy application, you stay informed at all times of the temperature, the power level and the remaining cooking time of your hob. Most ? You can turn it off remotely when you are setting the table in the dining room. Practical, right? 599 euros

A la carte menu for the washing machine

To help you choose the best wash cycle according to your needs, you don't have to use the Candy application instead of the traditional program button on your washing machine. You can also memorize your favorite cycles and launch everything in one click! From 549 euros

Manage your washing machine remotely

Candy Did you start your machine before you go shopping? No need to be back to spin. Your smartphone notifies you when the latter is complete, and indicates the next step to follow. You just have to click!

Save your favorite programs in just a few clicks on your oven

Choose the time, the cooking mode or pre-record the sequence of the rotating heat on the grill, thanks to the application, you do not need to go back and forth in the kitchen to monitor your dish in the oven! You can also save the appropriate programs of your favorite recipes on your app. To you the macarons succeeded every time! 599 euros

Launch programs via the application

Managing the temperature of your fridge and freezer or using the super-freezing function, all remotely, that may appeal to many of you! The plus: we love the Smart Cool function which alerts you when your drinks are cold. Gone are the days of forgotten bottles in the freezer… 699 euros

Activate lock

Candy So ​​that nobody comes to disturb the parameters that you have programmed, you can remotely block the use of the electronic banner of your refrigerator.

Air recirculation in the kitchen thanks to the Candy hood

To recycle the air in your kitchen after having prepared good meals while sitting comfortably in the living room, a click on the Candy application is enough to start the function of the hood.

Stay informed about the dishwasher situation

Imagined like the washing machine, the application chooses for you the best washing cycle according to your needs. It also tells you when the salt or rinse aid level is low, smart, right? From 599 euros

Adapt your program

Candy Your dishwasher only contains plates and glasses? Or, on the contrary, dishes and pans? Specify it before launching your dishwasher and let it take care of everything!