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City wallpapers

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Lovers of big cities and city dwellers at heart, the following wallpapers pay homage to the urban landscape, each in their own way.

City snapshot

Castorama ### Nothing like a human-sized mural to take the dining room to its favorite capital.

Infinite dwellings

Sanderson ### Hundreds of houses and dwellings which are linked one after the other, this is the artistic vision of this wallpaper, poetically urban.

The city seen from above

Ferm Living ### By climbing on the heights of the city, one has the pleasure of discovering miniature cars, ants, and small green and concrete squares and triangles formed by the street angles.

Metro plan

Castorama ### Because underground public transport perfectly represents the daily passage of its inhabitants, it inspired the following wallpaper: Parisian metro map revisited XXL version.

Trio of capitals

Castorama ### Paris, London and Rome depicted on the wall behind 5 sketches: the Eiffel Tower, the Big Ben, red telephone boxes, a Fiat 500 and a Vespa. 100% European capitals.

Made in london

Graham & Brown ### The wallpaper pays homage to one of its favorite big cities, London, between the design of the Big Ben, the London Bridge or the royal brand…

Town houses

Harlequin ### The first children's drawings often represent houses, but aligned side by side, it is now a city they seem to represent! This is what this white wallpaper evokes with a few blue and red touches.

Townhouses, bis

Harlequin ### Second version of the urban and childish wallpaper, covered with pretty houses drawn by freehand. The only difference ? Its white, pink and purple color code, more suitable for a little girl's bedroom…