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10 small spring crafts with children

10 small spring crafts with children

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It's Easter holidays! If you are wondering how to occupy your children in a fun and creative way, here are 10 ideas of small crafts to do with the youngest to introduce them to the pleasure of manual work. Arm yourself with brushes, scissors and water-based paints, take a walk in the kitchen to collect pasta, apples, candy and cardboard plates and zou, go!

Paint tulips with a fork To paint pretty tulips of all colors, give your children plastic forks and show them how to place them in the paint, then on a sheet of paper, pressing hard to leave the imprint. And don't forget to exhibit the work of your little artists in their room!

A ladybug in a roll of toilet paper With a little imagination, a roll of toilet paper quickly turns into a pretty ladybug. A bit of black paint, two wings cut from red card stock (with black dots stuck on by your cherubs), two eyes, two paper or chenille wire antennas… and voila!

A swan in a cardboard plate To make this magnificent swan, you need a white cardboard plate, a black felt pen, glue, tree leaves and / or feathers. Ask the children to cut out the plate as in the photo (you can draw a line for them to help them), then help them draw the beak and eye in black and stick the feathers or leaves on the body of the bird ...

Handprint bookmarks The little ones love to trace the outline of their hand with a pencil (it tickles!). Take the opportunity to keep a souvenir of their little hand by tracing, then cutting out the imprint in colored paper. Stuck on a stick of ice painted in green, these pretty handcuffs become spring bookmarks that will no doubt make their grandparents happy…

Ice cream cones full of surprises The return of spring also marks the return of the ice season! To create beautiful cones with which to play for hours at the merchant and the merchant, it is enough to roll up a sheet of paper in cornet, and to slip inside a polystyrene ball ... And when we slip inside the confetti or little gifts like in this tutorial, it's even better!

Lily of the valley with noodles While waiting for the traditional Mother's Day noodle necklace, here is another idea to celebrate the return of summer with pasta. Glue "farfalle" painted white on green paper, and for even more realism, keep everything in small pots of flowers…

Windmills of all colors From 7 months to 77 years old, we love all paper windmills! Poetic and colorful, these small, easy-to-make accessories delight children and lend themselves to all types of interior and exterior decoration. And as we are nice, we even show you the instruction manual on video!

Flowers in plastic caps

Pinterest How to recycle plastic caps and toilet paper rolls into works of art? By asking your children to stick them on large sheets of paper to make large flowers 100% ecological!

A butterfly in a candy bag And finally, we like this funny butterfly made with a bag of candy, a clothespin, two removable eyes and chenille thread. Of course, children may want to devour the candy, but you can either replace it with colored paper folded in an accordion, or make this butterfly for them to organize a snack full of poetry!


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