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Decorative sinks and basins for the bathroom

Decorative sinks and basins for the bathroom

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In the bathroom, sinks and basins play a key role in the decor of the room. Thus, the creators make them original objects that really bring style to your bathroom. We have selected for you models that are worth seeing.

A corner sink

Jacob Delafon Installing the sink in a corner is not an easy thing, and the rendering is even less aesthetic. However, the bet is successful by opting for a sink with designer lines and a sleek lacquered piece of furniture for an original and assumed style.

A basin in tone on tone

Villeroy et Boch So that the basin matches perfectly with the rest of your bathroom, you can play tone on tone. Thus, a brown basin will find its place perfectly on a wooden worktop. Bet on a shiny finish to enhance the basin.

A raw basin

Hansa To evoke nature and its simplicity, the basin can be transformed into a small stone basin into which the water will flow. Similar to a fountain, this basin imposes in the bathroom.

A feminine basin

Allia To bring softness and femininity to the bathroom, you can opt for a model with curved lines in a shiny finish that almost transforms the washbasin into a jewel in the bathroom.

A clean basin

Jacob Delafon The basin can also take liberties, moving away from traditional models. Here, for example, the basin transforms into a simple, slightly hollow worktop to accommodate the water.

An unusual sink

Jacob Delafon To give style to your bathroom, you can also play on the sizes. By opting for an XXL sink, you will make it the centerpiece of your bathroom.

A basin according to your style

Jacob Delafon Some basins are part of a decorative style like this model which represents yin and yang with original curves. Zen atmosphere guaranteed!

Integrated basin

Villeroy and Boch To highlight the worktop, the sink can also disappear by integrating into the plan. The bathroom becomes harmonious and each element finds its place perfectly.

An all-in-one sink

Villeroy and Boch Finally, the sink can also be used as a worktop by offering shelves on the side. Originality and design are there.


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