A small, well-organized space

A small, well-organized space

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Small spaces also have the right to organize. The editorial team gives you some advice on how to organize your (small) interior and thus gain maximum space.

The hanger that supports everything…

Ikea ... Or almost. We don't hesitate to hang two, three or four pants to make room in the closet. These gentlemen can also hang ties or belts by the dozen.

The mezzanine

Alinéa In a small space, a mezzanine or a convertible sofa are undoubtedly the most suitable solution to be able to live and sleep, without giving up on the idea of ​​receiving friends or family in a warm setting.

The storage table

Alinéa If you like to take the time to eat well, also choose a table that accompanies your meal: fold, slide, store, raise… There are many possibilities to combine dining table and small space.

Decorative shelves

Ikéa Here again, small space does not rhyme with nonexistent decor. With this collection of original shelves, Ikéa reminds us that we can store without sacrificing style. So with your drills and other screws to liven up your walls and create decorative storage.

Stools that stack

Ikea Many designers have worked on stacking stools, including the famous Alvar Aalto whose tripod has become a classic. We find its spirit in many brands and at much more attractive prices to liven up the show.

The practical bedside table

Ikéa To put on your glasses, your bedside book and put a lamp or an alarm clock, you choose a bedside table that offers maximum storage and well thought out.

To walk everywhere

Ikéa Central island in the kitchen, additional storage in the office, serving in the dining room, depending on the corner of the room where you move this furniture or the activity you are doing, some storage on casters make the difference.

Quick storage

La Redoute In the panic of someone who arrives by chance, you slide your computer and everything lying around in the corners and with a stroke of your wand you close your secretary and your small space is ready to welcome your surprise guest.

It's in the box

Maison du monde Like the secretary, you quickly slip in what is lying around or, on the contrary, you make a real, well-thought-out arrangement: a box for the equipment, a second for magazines and the remote control, a third for storing memories… Everything in its place.


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