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I want an original wedding bouquet!

I want an original wedding bouquet!

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If the ritual of the bridal bouquet has existed since Antiquity, it has evolved considerably over the centuries. Originally composed of thyme, chives or lavender, the bouquet was traditionally used to repel bad spirits ... while masking bad smells! At the end of the Middle Ages, it was also made with branches of orange blossoms, a symbol of purity. After the fashion for waterfall bouquets, round bouquets and country bouquets, everything is possible today, even bouquets… without flowers! The proof with these 10 special wedding compositions that are really out of the ordinary.

Marin: a bouquet of seashells

Colin Cowie Weddings For a wedding by the sea or on the beach, why not slip some beautiful seashells in a bouquet of fresh flowers? The most inspired will even be able to make a bouquet made up entirely of shells and starfish, to keep preciously throughout their life ...

Intello: printed paper roses

Etsy Romantic and literary, this bouquet of roses made with book pages will bear witness to the beginning of your story. With a simple dress, a slightly loose bun and table names borrowed from the great characters of classical literature, it will be absolutely perfect!

Fluffy: a bouquet of cotton

Popsugar Why wait for the cotton wedding to take advantage of the softness of the cotton fibers? A pretty, round, baby-like bouquet as elegant as it is comforting. A little sweetness in a world of brutes ...

An ear of wheat, a symbol of fertility

Style me pretty If your wedding takes place during the harvest time, an ear of wheat will bring a strong symbolic dimension to your union. This sacred cereal which nourishes humanity since the dawn of time evokes at the same time fertility, prosperity, growth and fruiting… And in addition, the ear of wheat is very photogenic, whether alone or decorated with some wild flowers…

A bouquet of… butterflies!

Ever after guide Poetic, light and original, the butterfly bouquet symbolizes the change of life. The little caterpillar has transformed into a graceful and twirling being ... A pretty bouquet for young couples who marry in spring.

A crochet bouquet

Maize Hutton If you are one of those who hate cut flowers or if you are allergic to pollen, there are many other ideas to compose a bouquet without flowers. In crochet, the result can be amazing! Find the tutorial (in English) here.

A ceramic bouquet

Ever after guide With these hand-painted terracotta flowers, you can be sure that your flowers will stand straight like i's on D-Day! But be careful all the same to plan a second bouquet for the traditional throw to single girlfriends ...

A bunch of feathers

Pinterest For a wedding in a hunting domain, the bouquet of feathers promises to have its small effect! And as Zizi Jeanmaire said: "My feather thing, It makes you dream, But it's sacred, You shouldn't touch it." !

An origami bouquet

Weddbook And we finish with this beautiful bouquet of paper flowers, which will bring a dreamlike dimension to your wedding… If it is not very difficult to make, still plan time to find the right papers and train in the techniques of folding!


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