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10 April Fools to Do with Children

10 April Fools to Do with Children

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A few days before April 1, the children get impatient: "So, when will we be able to make jokes and stick fish on the back?" To make them wait while occupying them intelligently, here are 10 activities to do with them to prepare April Fools so beautiful that they will keep them until at least May!

Japanese carp 'Koinobori'

Squirrelly minds The Japanese do not celebrate April 1st, but children's day on May 5th. On this occasion, they make flying carp that fly in the wind ... To make them, cover a roll of toilet paper with double-sided tape and cover it with scales of all colors cut from crepe paper. Add a tail in strips (always crepe paper), eyes cut from white paper with a black circle in the middle, and a string to hang them on the back!

Hand-shaped fish puppets

Blitsy Children will love these puppets cut according to the shape of their little hands… We trace the outline of their hand on colored paper, we cut and we let them stick removable eyes and self-adhesive rhinestones… And presto, we stick the all with a little scotch on an ice cream stick.


Gabulle in Wonderland We love these fish that fly in the air when we throw them in the air! Ultra simple to make, they will delight young and old alike. The tutorial is on the blog of Gabulle in Wonderland.

Canned April Sardines

La Maison de Loulou With these pretty little sardines tidy in their box, April 1 is already shaping up to be elegant! We retain the idea of ​​drawing sardines in pastel colors, and storing them in a pretty decorated matchbox.

Madame Citron's fish

Madame Citron Be careful, these fish will make you love April 1st, whatever your age! All you have to do is download the images from Madame Citron's blog and paste them on clothespins. The tutorial is to be found on the (super!) Blog of Madame Citron

A fish bilboquet with a bottle of water

Moma The Blog If you tire fish on the back, this bilboquet inspired by "The World of Dory" is likely to make you spend excellent moments of games with your children! To achieve this, you will need a bottle of water, a Kinder egg, wire, paper and paint… The tutorial is there!

An angling to make for the little ones We fall for this mini line fishing which fits in a box of sardines ... er no, mints! In felt, it is very simple to make and should be a huge success for children under three! The tutorial is here!

Origami April Fools

A little market If you haven't tried the delicate art of Japanese folding yet, now is the time to do it! These origami fish, very simple to make, can also decorate the table on April 1. And if they are too beautiful to hang on the back, you can still make a pretty garland!

A fish in a CD

Crayola Not sure what to do with your old scratched CDs? Turn them into fish by sticking paper fins colored by the children, and slide a crepe paper fin into the central hole. To hang without moderation in the children's room!


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