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Architect's advice: how to design a natural interior?

Architect's advice: how to design a natural interior?

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Do you dream of bringing nature into your home? To trade synthetic for nobility, comfort, authenticity and the wide variety of natural materials? Choosing traditional and healthy materials and coatings is a wise decision for health, respect for the environment, but also for the portfolio. Indeed, these materials, by their resistance and their robustness, are a very good investment, quickly amortized.

Bathroom: 100% natural furnishings

Angélique BLANC In this 3.50 mx 2 m bathroom, the walls and the floor of the walk-in shower have the same coating: tadelakt. This traditional Moroccan plaster based on lime, very shiny, is ideal for damp rooms, including in a shower, since it is perfectly waterproof, provided however that it is made with dexterity and in the rules of art . Near the washbasins and at the end of the shower, a bamboo parquet floor is laid. Very flexible and warm to the touch, it has the distinction of being very resistant to mold. The basins and the shower wall are chosen from glass, and on the decoration side, nature is reflected in the frames of the driftwood mirrors, the bamboo towel rack ladder, the wicker storage baskets slid under the basins, and the pebbles arranged on the shower bench.

Kitchen: 100% natural furnishings

Angélique BLANC Noble materials with natural and sober colors take over this 4.30 mx 3 m kitchen. The walls are covered with an ecological water paint, without solvent or VOC, very covering, and above all washable to anticipate possible splashes. The floor is made of porcelain stoneware tiles (pressed and fired clay and silica alloy), chosen for its non-porosity and its resistance. The worktop is made of marble, a material offering solidity and durability almost to any test. Finally, nature spares nothing, the hob is in tempered glass and cast iron, the sink in granite (we choose a dark tone for a more contemporary side), and the table and chairs are respectively in wood and metal and natural fibers braided on a wooden frame.

Living room: 100% natural furnishings

Angélique BLANC In this 4.50 mx 6.60 m living room, cork, usually used for insulation, was chosen as the floor covering. Rather inexpensive, cork is very comfortable, warm, antistatic and fully biodegradable. Today it is easy to find it in tiles of different colors. The steps of the staircase are dressed in seagrass. Robust, it is easy to maintain and resists dirt very well. As for the walls, they are adorned with a lime plaster. Healthy, natural and breathable, it is easy to apply and color. Here, it is tinted with vermilion and ironwork (which makes it shiny) on the window side, and beige on the other three sections of walls. Finally, for the furniture, the choice fell on a leather sofa, a rattan rocking chair, an armchair "Club" style in painted cardboard, and the coffee table is none other than an old wooden chest raw mottled.