Space saving: 10 objects that hide their game well

Space saving: 10 objects that hide their game well

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When there is a lack of space, all the tips are good to take. We do not hesitate to adopt furniture and accessories with qualities that do not appear at first glance in the image of our selection where each accessory is much more useful than it seems.

Storage side tables

Bellila Same for these small side tables: they also serve as storage space for linens or a few books when there is no more space in the library.

A foldable table

FR66 No, this funny object hanging on the wall is not a contemporary work of art but a table that folds up to take up no space when not in use.

A growing table

Isidore Design When you receive guests and you then need a larger coffee table, the trays of this model rotate to enlarge the space of the table.

A hidden office

FR66 In this large library, it is impossible to suspect that an office is hidden. However, you just need to open the central locker to discover a very practical auxiliary office.

A real sleeping sofa

La Maison du Convertible At first glance, this sofa is nothing special, yet it contains a real bedding with a mattress which makes it possible to transform the living room into an additional bedroom.

A convenient changing table

Fresh and vintage To offer you two pieces of furniture in one, the worktop of this chest unfolds and turns into a changing table.

A vase that becomes dishes

Kraft Decoline You don't know where to put the dishes in your cupboards? Expose it thanks to this system which transforms your dishes into a beautiful sculptural amphora.

A servant chair

La Boutique Danoise Here is a funny chair which you will use to sit down to put your shoes on in the morning but also to put down your clothes in the evening by transforming into a valet of night thanks to its seat which rises.

A high storage table

Po! Paris In your industrial interior, this barrel looks great and serves as a side table, but not only because one of its parts pivots to offer you storage space.


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