The magic of storage: 10 commandments of Marie Kondo

The magic of storage: 10 commandments of Marie Kondo

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Are you ready to succumb to "The magic of storage"? Sorry, it's not about moving your nose like the beloved witch to get an orderly home. We are talking to you rather about a book, that of the Japanese papess of the arrangement Marie Kondo. Sold 2.3 million copies, this book is supposed to give you the keys to a uncluttered and tidy interior. For us, it rather made us dizzy but we must admit that it is teeming with interesting ideas. To give you an overview of what it contains, we have chosen to present 10 principles given by the author of the book.

Do not store by room

We are used to tidying up pieces which is a mistake according to Marie Kondo. She proves it to us with a single question: why does a tidy room end up in disorder after a few days or weeks? According to the decluttering specialist, the fault comes back to the way of tidying up. According to her, it is better to sort by categories of objects than by space. It is the only path that would lead to a final order.

What is it already for?

Cluttering is a way to store by vacuum. Marie Kondo explains that if we are constantly fighting against disorder, it is above all because we are surrounded by useless objects. Here is a very simple but very striking example: Why so many cables at home? Do they still have an interest if we no longer remember the associated device? They ultimately only serve to uselessly occupy space in our home. Storage must start with a large separation phase.

Don't be overwhelmed by paperwork

Given the flow of mail arriving at our home every day, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Fearing moreover that a misfortune arrives, we sometimes keep excessively certain papers like guarantees or proofs of purchase. Marie Kondo claims that this paperwork is unnecessary and that the papers to be kept must be reduced to the strict minimum. However, be careful not to throw away papers which can be important: if the author of the magic of tidying up believes that the salary sheets can be thrown directly after consultation, the French administration advises to keep his pay slips until retirement. For more information, consult the list of papers to keep on the public service website.

The wardrobe is bad!

Marie Kondo attaches great importance to the clothes to which she devotes a long chapter in her book. In particular, it teaches us to put away our clothes properly and to get rid of certain habits. Forget the ball socks because it distorts them and takes up too much space compared to folding. In general Marie Kondo advises folding clothes rather than putting them on a hanger: for her, the wardrobe is an easy solution and we tend to load it too much. Consequence: the clothes arranged are no longer visible and wrinkle. In the book "The magic of storage", you will find all the practical details to reorganize your wardrobe.

Talk to your objects (uh ...)

Yes, you read correctly. Indeed it may seem (very) strange but if we can get past the ridiculous side of the situation, there is a certain logic to this. Marie Kondo underlines that by speaking to her objects, for example to thank them for having served us today, we become aware of their existence. The result: we are more respectful of them and we treat them better. With this method, we avoid piled up clothes and handbags lying around in the corners.

Be honest with yourself (part 1)

When it comes to throwing, we all have more or less the same reflexes: "I don't use it but it could happen!" or "You never know". In fact we know it very well but we sometimes find it difficult to admit that wishful thinking is in large part at the origin of the disorder reigning among us. Example with these boxes of product that you keep in case of moving. In reality they are of no use and if you move, you will have no trouble finding new boxes for your appliances.

Be honest with yourself (part 2)

Marie Kondo explains that when we start to take an objective look at the objects around us, it becomes easier and easier to proceed to decluttering. Another example with this book, a must for any pregnant woman who often finds herself waiting for dust in a library. We keep it because we think we could still offer it to a friend or worse, to her daughter. What future mother would like Laurence Pernoud at least 20 years old? We agree, this book has served well but today it only clogs your space.

Keep only the essentials

Marie Kondo therefore advises to categorize, starting with the most utilitarian objects and ending with the most sentimental. It is true that it is more difficult to part with family photos than with old shoes. The advantage of this method is that the more you progress in your decluttering, the easier it will be to separate yourself from things. When it comes to business with sentimental value, you're already seasoned. For her library, Marie Kondo ultimately only kept 30 books. It highlights the fact that unread books will remain forever and that most of those read will no longer be used.

The shoe box, the ultimate storage

Marie Kondo considers that equipping herself with special storage elements is absolutely useless, except to burden herself with useless things. If you de-clutter properly, you won't need to invest in boxes, dividers or other organizers. To solve your storage problems, the storage coach recommends a very simple container: the shoe box!

And happiness in all this?

behind the question of storage, Marie Kondo questions about the happiness of possession. When it comes to separating from objects, she questions not only usefulness but also the pleasure of owning. So she invites people to touch each object and try to feel whether it is joyful or not. If you do not feel anything while taking the object in hand, it is that the latter has no reason to encumber you. ** Marie Kondo, The magic of storage, Editions First, € 17.95 **


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