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10 minimalist bathrooms

10 minimalist bathrooms

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An essential place to live, the bathroom can quickly look like a shambles. For fans of decluttering, opting for a minimalist bathroom is the ideal solution. Goodbye to objects scattered throughout the room and hello space!

Minimalist art deco style

Devon & Devon We love the chic, classic and sober spirit of this very 1930s bathroom. Globes for lighting a large mirror, a double sink in black marble and a checkerboard floor. A sobriety all in black and white which recalls the good taste of the beginning of the XXth century.

A minimalist Japanese-inspired bathroom

Hôtel de Nell In the Empire of the Rising Sun, the bath is a real ritual. In the bathroom, we dare a minimalist bath in the shape of a block that we accompany with Oregon wood accessories. The Japanese bath combines the benefits of water and earth through natural and raw materials.

A minimalist but warm bathroom!

Just Home Design Agency The minimalist style in decoration often requires light colors which enlarge the space. To make a minimalist bathroom more welcoming, you can add woody shades (even light), or even contrasting black. This will warm the room without overloading the decor.

A minimalist and family bathroom

Leroy Merlin Minimalism - or the art of leaving nothing behind, can become mission impossible when you have a large family! Here the parade is to erect a wall of sober storage in light and raw colors: essential condition for a minimalist bathroom without towels, games and other shower products that litter the floor!

Minimalist storage, like on wheels

Olympia Ceramica In a minimalist bathroom, you have to choose the right accessories. Indeed, you will not be able to accumulate them! Here, we opt for storage on casters that allow everything to be stored without breaking the harmony of the room. We store everything necessary for the toilet and move it from the bathtub to the sink, and vice versa, as needed!

A small, minimalist bathroom

Mobalpa The minimalist touch is perfect for a small bathroom. Here, the furniture has been placed along the length of the wall to make room at the back of the room for a large shower cubicle. All in 5.4 m2. Incredible but true !

All in teak

La Redoute Design and modern, this bathroom furniture is levitating and frees up floor space. We like the robustness of teak wood which counterbalances the simplicity of the lines of the furniture. We remain in the spirit of a minimalist decor, while bringing an original personal touch!

Raw walls

Ikea To accentuate the minimalist atmosphere of the bathroom, why not leave the walls in their rough state? Simply protected from humidity, they enhance the purity of the lines and the chrome of the accessories.

A real living room

Rexa Design Chic and minimalist, the bathroom is adorned with elements to become a real room where life is good. A clean style does not mean an icy atmosphere. We can therefore warm the room with a beautiful old carpet and a mottled rocking chair, for example!