The new Botanic collection to discover in pictures

The new Botanic collection to discover in pictures

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Spring is already coming to the fore in the new Botanic collection. On the program: decorative accessories and straight furniture inspired by old country houses. Glass bottles, raw wood furniture and ceramics will be the charm of your interior this season.

Porcelain for bowls

Botanic To accentuate the family home style, bet on porcelain dishes with blue and white patterns. Placed on exposed shelves, these bowls bring a lot of authenticity to the kitchen.

Chicken wire

Botanic To make this chicken wire bell a decorative element in its own right, transform it into a mini green space. Put moss and small flowers in earthen or zinc pots.

A vase with retro lines

Botanic To give a note of sweetness to the house, Botanic gives us this blown glass bottle that you can install on the steps of a staircase or in plain view in the living room decorated with a few flowers.

Small terracotta bird

Botanic Bring spring into your home with this green cracked terracotta bird. To accompany it, arrange it in a bowl of the same color and add some accessories in natural tones.

An original lantern

Botanic To change the eternal metal lanterns, you can opt for this glass ball with a small steel handle. It will find its place both outside and inside the house.

Spring awakening in the living room

Botanic The nature style is proudly displayed in this lounge which combines soft colors, raw materials and bright and refined spaces. These mineral and vegetable tones bring a Zen atmosphere and invite comfort.

Ceramic vases

Botanic If you are looking for a vase like no other, fall for this ceramic model in natural tones. You can play on the accumulation, by having several of different sizes.

An original candle holder

Botanic This decorative glass with its terracotta saucer finds many uses. Consider, for example, garnishing it with a small, round and colorful candle to make it a unique candle holder.

A very decorative greenhouse

Botanic Create a small natural space with this mini white wooden greenhouse. Its house shape makes it a very original element that will welcome your small plants and decorative items of your choice.